Twin-stick shooter

Game genre concept

A shooter sub-genre characterized by two (joy)stick control with no buttons needed to shoot, one stick controls movement while the other stick controls shooting (both direction and the action).


Alternate name: Twin-analogue shooter

The first video game about Twin-stick shooter was released in 1980.

Plug In Digital, Sega and Witch Beam has published most of these games

The emphasis here is that no button is needed to be pressed to shoot, only to twist the (joy)stick in direction you want to do so. Exception being that the player has buttons separately for each direction and are independent of movement.

This is NOT synonym for shooters which use dual-analog controllers.

This can also apply to games without any stick controlllers, such as each attack/shooting direction (not different attack) has separate button (e.g. numpad).
Implied: independent aiming (at least if it's top-down perspective), dual analog gamepad

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