Media: Type-in

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Distributed as printed computer code intended to be manually typed into computer software capable of running and/or compiling it.


The first video game about Media: Type-in was released in 1969.

Creative Computing, Creative Computing Software and The Rainbow Magazine has published most of these games

Originally, these programs were printed in magazines and meant to be manually typed in to computer software capable of running and/or compiling it.
These days, usually due to copyright difficulties, some games can only be distributed as printed computer code. Most of the time it is much older games that fall into this category.


Altair 8800 81
Ohio Scientific 79
Tandy Coco 19
Atari 400/800 12
Amstrad CPC 5
Electron 5
TRS-80 3
C16/Plus4 3
NEC PC8001 2
MICRO 7 - FM7 2
VIC-20 2
C64 2
ColecoVision 1
Apple II E 1
TI99 1
Commodore PET 1
Sharp MZ 1
NEC PC6001 1
Linux 1

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