Tyrannosaurus Rex

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Bipedal carnivore often mistake for the biggest on land. Arguable the more famous of all dinosaurs. Existed about 68 to 65 million years ago.


Alternate name: T-Rex

The first video game about Tyrannosaurus Rex was released in 1990.

Eidos Interactive, Studio Wildcard and Ocean has published most of these games

Unusually, soft tissue, proteins, blood vessels, and marrow of this species have been preserved. But this is debated. The T-Rex ("T-Rex" is an informal name but often even used by scientists), is one of the most debated animals. Was it a predator or a scavenger? Its massive head and tail to balance it could make in an award and/or slow runner. The only suspected T-Rex footprints are from slow-moving. Hold a 14x4x6 peice of wood in the middle with one end forward (the other back), run at top speed, now without slowing down, make a 90 degree turn. Good luck, to you and T-rex in pulling it off. You may find it easier to move while keeping at least on foot on the ground at all times rather than becoming momentarily airborne as humans do when running. On the other hand, if the T-rex could fold its head to its shoulder and bring its tail to its neck, like an ice skater pulling their arms in, it would naturally rotate at high speed with only the slightest effort to stay balanced. Its massive jaws and legs were probably incredibly strong. Its stubby two toed arms seem totally useless, not being long or flexible enough to grasp a chicken between them and not having an opposing digit or being closeable. Put your left palm in your left armpit then do similar to you right palm. Now use only your pointer and middle fingers to attempt to do anything at all. Welcome to T-rex' world. Yet the arm bones and attached muscles were extremely strong.

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