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The main character is one of the living dead. An animated corpse, skeleton, ghost or whatnot.


The first video game about Undead protagonist was released in 1981.

Zeppelin, Ubi Soft and Ubisoft has published most of these games

See also: reborn protagonist, dead protagonist (in case they never enter the world of the living and remain where they "belong")
Although vampires are in many mythoses one of the undead, this is not always true, so adding undead protagonist and [[gametag:vampireprotagonist vampireprotagonist]] together is not wrong thing to do. If, however, the provided canon says nothing of their liveliness, the undead protagonist tag would be only speculation rather than based on any reality. Even unbeating heart which is common descriptor of undead should not be taken as indicator of such, they have wildly different physique so such anomalies should not be considered an indicator of undeath.

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