Video game concept

Has no set ultimate goal to achieve, continuing indefinitely until the player decides to end the game rather than ending it at a set point. May have (optional) objectives that do not end the game/level/map/round or progress it.


Alternate names: Continuous play, Endless play, No victory conditions, Aimless

The first video game about Undirected was released on October 1993.

Electronic Arts, Image&Form and Mojang has published most of these games

This is the nature of most sandbox games, somewhat common also in CMS games, since in them having an ultimate goal could be detrimental to the game type. Though some may have one as alternate means to bringing finality to a sandbox game instead of only allowing players to simply just stop playing.

* This should NOT be used for score oriented games with no victory condition.
* Often these games suffer from running into a standstill - after a while - where there's nothing meaningful left to do. Especially games with no real opponents.
See also: sandbox, exploration, open world, endless, clear game, no clear objectives (gives impression of this even when it isn't the same)


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