Unfixed bugs

Other (objects, etc.) concept

Exhibits significant game breaking bugs even after having been moved out of support phase.


The first video game about Unfixed bugs was released in 1980.

Sega, Activision and Cyanide has published most of these games

* Fan-made patch
On consoles this basically means bugs that slipped past Q&A but were deemed too insignificant to pull the product from stores. For modern consoles like X360 and PS3 the treatment is similar to PC.

Does NOT include:
* Hardware specific issues (such as the RDTSC bug on early dual-core processors from AMD).
* Ability to run on systems besides what the game originally supported (e.g. running Win9x game on XP or Vista).
* Game imbalances
* Issues caused by software incompatibilities (such as firewalls and virus scanners)