Unibiome world

Locations theme

Takes place on one or more worlds that are made out of singular biomes, or otherwise features them more or less prominently.


Alternate name: Single biome planet

The first video game about Unibiome world was released in 1993.

Blizzard Entertainment and Microprose has published most of these games

Dead worlds, such as Earth's moon and several others of our little part of the cosmos, are naturally made out of single biome: the complete lack of them (hence they're called "dead"). These may appear like desert/wasteland worlds, except for the complete lack of any ability to sustain life.

This is most noticeable when worlds/planets are blatantly labeled after biomes, such as desert, swamp, or jungle world.

Note that this is NOT when the game area itself is limited to single biome (e.g. the game's set in some small town and its surrounding area, this would naturally limit the diversity of depicted biomes, unless the game makers did something ridiculous), but rather when the whole world or worlds are depicted as being made of single biome.