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Player can remove the ammo loaded into a weapon, batteries from electronic devices, or otherwise remove similar components for use in something else.


The first video game about Unloading was released in 1994.

Microprose and Night Dive Studios has published most of these games

This has mainly just one purpose. Finding already loaded weapons that you want the ammo from without having to carry the weapon itself and use that, reducing inventory management and amount of stuff carried.

Implies weapons and such actually have ammo loaded into them instead of the character carrying a magazines (even loaded ones) separate of the weapons/tools they're used for. For example, you could load 10 ammo into a pistol, toss that pistol aside, and you'd have 10 ammo less than you had before because they were loaded into that pistol. Without this tag you'd still have those 10 ammo on you despite having tossed the gun aside, unless dropped weapons are automatically unloaded, in which case loaded weapons simply reserve ammo from your ammo pile.