Unnoticed by normals

Other (objects, etc.) theme

Certain abnormalities go strangely unnoticed by normal people, either them not noticing them at all, or anything abnormal about them simply does not register to their senses or intellect.


Alternate names: Invisible to normals, Ignorant masses, Gullible masses

The first video game about Unnoticed by normals was released on April 20, 2006.

Valve, Capcom and Sega has published most of these games

* Literally invisible (but only to normals)
* Glamer/glamour or other passive disguising
* People are just That stupid
* Brain replaces the "incomprehensible" with something normal, to protect the psyche from damage
* Interleaved reality, causing any of the above with people not somehow in tune with the other reality
* Everyone is actually sufficiently insane
* Extreme gullibility
... and so forth