Video game concept

Any tags that describe elements that are not necessarily game-like but still do not adhere to reality.

Alternate names: Logic errors, Elements of convenience

* Game-like elements

* Realism
Absolute armorArmor, energy shields, etc. provide absolute protection for the wearer until they have been completely obliterated.1998 / 201735 games
Air controlPlayer has abnormal amount of control over movement while in air.1991 / 201882 games
BloodlessDespite characters getting shot, stabbed, or otherwise mutilated, there's no blood.1975 / 201797 games
Dissolving corpsesThe bodies of recently slain dissolve or otherwise rapidly disappear immediately or soon after death.1990 / 2019151 games
Dissolving itemsDropped items, powerups or other objects of interest disappear after a short time.1989 / 201852 games
Falloff deathFalling out of the play field results in death. As opposed to transitioning to a different area. This can coexist.1983 / 201311 games
Flat spaceSpace, despite its lack of any limitations on movement and positioning, is depicted as a flat expanse of nothing.2000 / 201743 games
Homing bouldersProjectiles that one would not ever expect to home on their target do so.1998 / 201852 games
Threat indicatorHas some extra HUD or gameplay element that shows the protagonist is in danger even when the player does not know it. Often with several degrees of danger, from NPC suspicion, recognition, search, pursuit, to all out alarm.1998 / 201850 games
Intangible alliesPlayer character's allies are as intangible as thin air, allowing the player character to pass through them without effort.2000 / 201728 games
Intangible foesYour enemies and other non-allied characters can be passed through as if they were air, or nearly enough. Does not relate to them being immune to being harmed by shots, punches, etc.2007 / 20168 games
Laser boltsWithin the depicted mythos, LASER weapons fire bolts of light rather than end-to-end connecting beams that hit their target in an instant.1982 / 201794 games
No CorpsesAny living thing killed in the game simply disappears at the moment of death.1989 / 20153 games
No crashingRegardless of what happens or what the player tries to do (or fails to do), crashing into vehicles, obstacles, etc. is largely impossible. Usually involves the character/vehicle sliding off/around the crash target.1 game
No fall damageFalling down from a significant height does not cause damage or any other similar inconveniences.1982 / 2017563 games
No friendly fireShooting at or beating up your allies or possibly even neutral parties has absolutely no effect (don't get hurt or even act as if anything is happening), if the game even allows you to try.1992 / 201657 games
Penalty imposed for harming non-combatantsPenalizes player(s) if they in any way harm players or game characters who are not fighting against the protagonist(s).1981 / 201443 games
Nonsensical gearThe equipment characters take makes no sense, usually by wearing or wielding unusually large number of same type of items such as 3 swords or 2 breast plates.2003 / 201412 games
Old skool securitySecurity that can be circumvented by observing a pattern and following it, regardless if this is actually a security system.1998 / 201824 games
Old skool surveillanceSurveillance system that clearly leaves holes in what they're surveying. Often with security cameras that show their view cones and move about in predictable patterns that leave holes through which the player can slip by.1999 / 201642 games
Penetrating explosionsExplosions pass through matter that is not destroyed or moved by them, causing harm to things that should've been safe. In other words, explosions ignore indestructible level geometry and other things that should shield from them.1997 / 20147 games
Random damageAny damage dealt is more or less unreliable, done in video games as a simulation of old P&P RPGs and other tabletop games where it was an abstraction of how hard and where something hurt, but has spread out to areas where it was not intended.1985 / 2019203 games
Relentless guardsAny NPC, possibly all regardless if they're involved, are incapable of losing track of you once they find you sneaking around and pursue you indefinitely, even trying to do so when they're utterly incapable of ever reaching you.1997 / 20177 games
Rocket jumpingA jump boost achieved with the use of explosives, commonly a rocket, detonated right at your feet.1991 / 201754 games
Safe weaponsWeapons that should harm the player or their allies when employed improperly - such as grenades or other explosives - do not.1993 / 201624 games
Sand seaSand behaves like water when convenient, such as animals/monsters swimming around in it or people sailing on the sand with ships.1993 / 201311 games
Sight relayWhat one person sees, is seen by their allies too. Commonly occurring as extended range for anything that has longer range than their own sight radius, thus others function as cheap spotters for them without actually relaying any target coordinates.2006 / 20167 games
Space frictionSpacecraft are required to be in constant acceleration to maintain speed.1987 / 201718 games
Spectacular forceGetting punched, shot, or otherwise hit with something has a habit of sending people flying rather spectacular distances.1 game
Tethered projectilesProjectiles move with the one who shot them. The effect is similar to carrying a translucent pipe in front of you and shooting through it, turning/strafing causes any projectiles still in the pipe to move with you in relation.1995 / 19992 games
Unconvincing armorCharacters, especially females, wear armor that's unconvincingly sparse in body coverage and protection, much like a bikini, or is thin and form-fitting like a bodysuit.1982 / 201666 games
Upgrades: Carry capacityPlayer can upgrade or otherwise permanently improve the player character's carry capacity.2008 / 20096 games
Upgrades: HealthPlayer can upgrade or otherwise permanently improve the player character's health.1987 / 201518 games
Visible LASERsNon-weapon grade LASERs are peculiarly visible to normal human sight.1983 / 201880 games
Water jumpingPlayer can somehow jump from water surface without having anything solid beneath their feet to produce that jump.1996 / 201831 games
WoundlessGetting shot, stabbed, punched, etc. leaves no visible marks.2001 / 20149 games
X-ray electrocutionGetting electrocuted, struck by lightning or such causes characters to become transparent except for their skeleton which often becomes luminescent in turn.1987 / 201649 games
Zero ground-level gravityOn ground level gravity has no effect, causing movement uphill and downhill to work at even pace.1993 / 20132 games