Unwieldy weapons

Tools theme

Includes weapons that are so heavy, large and/or complex that their use is cumbersome or otherwise difficult and may impart other limitations.


Alternate names: Heavy weapons, Large weapons, Cumbersome weapons
Name variations: giant weapons

The first video game about Unwieldy weapons was released on October 16, 2003.

Capcom, EA Partners and THQ has published most of these games

See also: disposable weapons

* Mounted weapons
In case of limited capacity, these often require significantly more space than any other weapon, ammunition is likely scarce and requires equally large amount of space. Inventory limited to tool slots usually require two slots for the unwieldy kind while all others require only one regardless of size or type. These may not be usable as secondary weapons, preventing weapon switching while they're carried and used, and so forth. Games with inventory may disallow placing these in inventory and only allow carrying them in hands (and therefore disallowing weapon switching without dropping the weapon). These may be so heavy or large that they prevent jumping mostly or altogether, or limit the use or usefulness of devices that would accomplish the same.