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A special breed of orc in the Tolkien universe that are physically and redemptively 'better' than their fellows.


The first video game about Uruk-hai was released on October 1990.

Electronic Arts has published all these games

Uruk-hai means Orc-folk. Implied orc-people as opposed to say orc-monster ("orc" means monster). Orc-human hybrid may also be implied by the name; but this is not certain in Tolkien's writings. Folk meaning people is certain.
They are bigger, faster, stronger, smarter, better organised, better craftsmen (swords and bows most definitely), eager to eat humanoids of any race including Orcs and Uruk-hai, and both more able to tolerate sunlight and have better night vision than regular Orcs.
They are also more brave, loyal, trustworthy, diplomatic, industrious (though Tolkien intended this as a negative quality), inventive, more cultured, less perverse, and better leaders.
Uruk-hai, like regular orcs, have varied skintones. Black was the most common described in Tolkien's writings but red was also described. Of note, orc skin tone may vary with age as all orcs noted as older in Tolkien writings are also noted by a rarer skin color. So, Uruk-hai skin tone may also vary with age.
Uruk-hai seem to have less size variation than regular orcs. Being Man sized or a bit taller where as regular orcs ranged from Hobbit sized to truly giant.

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