United States of America

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Currently 50 states & several territories/common wealths that occupy the middle of North America plus Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico & other islands.


The first video game about United States of America was released in 1978.

Capcom, Activision and SSI has published most of these games

USA states and territories in alphabetical order (states numbered):
  1. Alabama‡ (AL)
  2. Alaska (AK)

    American Samoa (AS)
  3. Arizona (AZ)
  4. Arkansas‡ (AR)
  5. California (CA)
  6. Colorado (CO)
  7. Connecticut* (CT)
  8. Delaware*⁑ (DE)

    District of Columbia (DC)
    Federated States of Micronesia (FM)
  9. Florida‡ (FL)
  10. Georgia*‡ (GA)

    Guam (GU)
  11. Hawaii (HI)
  12. Idaho (ID)
  13. Illinois (IL)
  14. Indiana (IN)
  15. Iowa (IA)

    State of Jefferson (JF)
  16. Kansas (KS)
  17. Kentucky⁑ (KY)
  18. Louisiana‡ (LA)
  19. Maine (ME)

    Mariana Islands
    Marshall Islands (MH)
  20. Maryland*⁑ (MD)
  21. Massachusetts* (MA)
  22. Michigan (MI)
  23. Minnesota (MN)
  24. Mississippi‡ (MS)
  25. Missouri⁑ (MO)
  26. Montana (MT)
  27. Nebraska (NE)
  28. Nevada (NV)
  29. New Hampshire* (NH)
  30. New Jersey* (NJ)
  31. New Mexico (NM)
  32. New York* (NY)
  33. North Carolina*‡ (NC)
  34. North Dakota (ND)

    Northern Marianas Islands (MP)
  35. Ohio (OH)
  36. Oklahoma (OK)
  37. Oregon (OR)

    Palau (PW)
    Palmyra Atol
  38. Pennsylvania* (PA)

    Puerto Rico (PR)
  39. Rhode Island* (RI)
  40. South Carolina*‡ (SC)
  41. South Dakota (SD)
  42. Tennessee‡ (TN)
  43. Texas‡ (TX)
  44. Utah (UT)
  45. Vermont* (VT)
  46. Virginia*‡ (VA)

    Virgin Islands (VI)
  47. Washington (WA)
  48. West Virginia*⁑ (WV) (split from Virginia in1863)
  49. Wisconsin (WI)
  50. Wyoming (WY)

* Original 13 colonies that declared independence from Britain on 1776-07-02. Recognized in 1783.
‡Confederate States during the Civil War
⁑Border/neutral/dual government/disputed states & territories during the Civil War

US Armed Forces military bases are sometime virtually but usually litterally US territory. The are collectively divided into 6 territories.
Armed Forces Africa (AE)
Armed Forces Americas (AA)
Armed Forces Canada (AE)
Armed Forces Europe (AE)
Armed Forces Middle East (AE)
Armed Forces Pacific (AP)

Military watercraft while are not legally recognised as US territory they have been referred to as "sovereign and mobile American territory". In many aspects, specially carriers, they function as a US territory and carriers also function as a city therein.

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C1996 - Atlanta 1996 Summer Olympics (Sport)
D2002 - Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympics (Sport)

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