UVL: Maintenance

Other (objects, etc.) theme

Anything that need additional non-trivial work, such as renaming, splitting, merging, verifying obscure info, etc.

UVL: Clarification neededThis is maintenance tag.0 game
UVL maintenance: ConfusableAny games that can be easily confused with another game by same or similar name on same or related platform.1970 / 20201675 games
UVL: Corrupted textEntries that have corrupted text somewhere in them (not articles, though).1 game
UVL: Delete RequestIf not really sure the game has to be deleted (for being duplicate, non-game, availability on platform being questionable, etc.)1983 / 201339 games
UVL: Incomplete descriptionThough the game shows a description icon, it is extremely incomplete; often having just 1 or 2 tidbits such as number of players or a catalog number.1977 / 2015240 games
UVL Maintenance: Possibly Missing Display InformationThese games have missing and/or inconsistent information regarding which display modes are used.1988 / 19902 games
UVL: DistributorsIncludes info on distributors.1 game
UVL: Fan invented title listedHas fan invented title listed. This is no translation, abbreviation or such, but completely unrelated title often used of the game by their fans. Also any titles of the game as it appears on other platforms as adopted by fans to the target platform.1981 / 201676 games
UVL: Fan translated title listedEither listed by fan translated title, has fan translated title as one of the alternate titles or uses a translated title from another product (even if correct).1983 / 2017191 games
UVL: Gallery cleanup taskGame entries that have excessive number of images that do not contribute to describing the game, such as fanservice shots or others that do not expand on what the game is actually like.2003 / 20086 games
UVL: Image editing neededThe images available to the editor, or the ones already added do need some external photo-editing. (cropping, image quality enhancement, etc)1984 / 199760 games
UVL: Image IssuesThis is a maintenance tag. The stored images have some unexpected issues ( i.e. thumbnails were not generated )1 game
UVL: Images are safe, but not 'front page appropriate'A maintenance tag to be removed from games later. For safe images that might give UVL visitors the wrong impression about UVL if seen on the main page1 game
UVL: A higher quality image should be soughtThese entries have low quality images. Better ones might be obtainable. Otherwise this tag reminds editors to return when/if better images are possible1973 / 2012204 games
UVL: Improper tagAny tags that provide information that should be available in some other manner, these likely exist due to nothing better being available.container group
UVL: Insignificant tagsIncludes info on tags that do apply to the game, but are so insignificant in their role of defining the game that adding them would only produce poor search results for users.1 game
UVL: License PendingWith intent to define a license later, an author has notably granted public access to some or all aspects of his game beforehand.2014 / 20152 games
UVL: Missing imagesHas some images, but there are known gamestates or events that could be beneficial to have additionally among the images. Such as title screens, screens of specific game modes or "windows", and so forth.1977 / 2016772 games
UVL: Missing mediaMissing info (tags) on any media or is known to be for others not yet listed.1980 / 2015732 games
UVL: Missing game relationsThis is a maintenance tag for games that are known to be missing game relations (likely described in an article in the game entry).1993 / 200627 games
UVL: Includes commonly used misspelled title1978 / 201634 games
UVL Maintenance: Multiplayer Info is incompleteMultiplayer Info is incomplete or missing entirely1 game
UVL: Original title missingHas either localized titles, fan translated and/or romanized titles listed but the name the game was originally released under is not listed (usually titles written in non-latin characters).1983 / 2016248 games
UVL: Partial title listedHas only partial title listed.1988 / 201815 games
UVL Maintenance: Phonetic Title ListedAn officially used phonetic title is listed in the game entry as an alternate title.1 game
UVL: Platform/Operating System LimitationTemporarily used in cases where a game is listed in a [i][b]completely[/b] unrelated[/i] platform until it is decided how the platform should be handled.1971 / 2016243 games
UVL: Real TitleThis is a maintenance tag to ensure UVL users that the title of the entry they see is not an error or a joke, that really is the title of the game.1978 / 201753 games
UVL: Refining neededAny tags that are or seem to be in need of refining, better or more clearly defining what they are about and providing examples if some of the proposed concepts are vague or limited in scope.container group
OBSOLETE - UVL: Multiple releasesIncludes details on multiple releases.1981 / 2016229 games
UVL: Tags that may need renamingThis is maintenance tag for other tags that need their raw name changed. Usually a menial but time consuming task.container group
UVL: Romanization missingHas non-roman title listed or is known to have been released under one, but no romanized title is listed or given romanization is only partial.1983 / 200615 games
UVL: Search help titleIncludes a title intended to help with inexact search queries, such as omitted or changed special symbols, problems with used typeface, etc.1982 / 2017297 games
UVL maintenance: SKU problemKnown to have missing or incomplete SKU information. Or has a known technical problem (such as improper barcodes on packaging, and such difficulties)1983 / 201659 games
UVL Steam Coverage CheckThis is a maintenance tag to use when all the platforms involved have an entry.2007 / 201751 games
UVL: Version synchronizationThis is maintenance tag for game entries that need to be synchronized with other more complete versions/ports of the game, such as copying basic game information and tags.2009 / 20127 games
UVL: Technical Error with Tagscorrupted text/invalid characters in the tags are causing problems.0 game
A Technical Limitation in UVLUsed to denote when UVL's usability is hampered by technical limits. This tag can also be used in searches as a limited work-around in some cases.1978 / 2020160 games
UVL: Temporary TagsThe tags of this game entry has should be examined and revised later.1 game
UVL: Working title listedA working title is listed as one of the titles.1979 / 2018207 games