UVL: Original title missing

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Has either localized titles, fan translated and/or romanized titles listed but the name the game was originally released under is not listed (usually titles written in non-latin characters).

This is maintenance tag to ease finding games that have known missing info, in this case, missing title.

Most often these are games originally released in Japan, Korea, China, Russia or some other country that doesn't primarily use roman alphabet.

Some cases may actually have clear English title even on the original release, but do provide the native spelling for it which should be recorded in similar manner.

Including kana, cyrillic and similar titles that are meant for those who can't read English (Japanese game with [partial] English titles are the most common among these).

Helpful info to find:
* Original title - obviously, this would solve the problem completely
* Product code(s) - can be used to find the original title, or at least give an additional bit of identifying info
* Alternate spellings of the "wrong" title - may help find the original

All of these should be recorded with the games anyway (in separate article when there's no appropriate hardcoded place).

The first UVL: Original title missing video game was released on August 1983.

Capcom, Konami and 07th Expansion published most of these games.

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