UVL: Platform/Operating System Limitation

Other (objects, etc.) theme

Temporarily used in cases where a game is listed in a completely unrelated platform until it is decided how the platform should be handled.


The first video game about UVL: Platform/Operating System Limitation was released on February 1962.

Retroguru, Infocom and Open Inventor Games has published most of these games

Some times the game is unique. Sometimes the game exists on both the platform its listed in, and on the platform its tagged with. Please these note relationships specify in the description.

Parent group

UVL: Maintenance

Child groups

Syllable OS, SkyOS operating system, RISC OS operating system, Qnx operating system, Pandora, OpenVMS operating system, IRIX operating system, AROS, MorphOS/Quark, Data General Eclipse MV computer platforms, HP 3000/e3000 platform series, PDP-11 platform, PDP-10 platform, GE-600, Honeywell 6000 computer platform, GCOS, PDP-7 platform, PDP-11-45 platfrom, Windows Phone 7, NIMROD platform, Timex Sinclair TS 1000 & TS 1500, Novell NetWare, Data General Nova minicomputer, HP 2000 minicomputer platform, Scientific Data Systems Sigma 7 minicomputer, Windows Phone 8, Matra Alice compatible, Apple I, Xerox Parc Alto microcomputer, Amstrad NC100 Notepad, Amstrad NC200 Notebook, Tangerine Microtan 65, DECSYSTEM-20 platform, Heath H-89 Platform, HP 1000 & 2000 platform series, IBM 1130 platform, MOS KIM-1 platform, Pegasos Platform, Sequent Symmetry platform


DEC PDP-1 72
custom 53
Linux 43
Unix 23
TRS-80 8
Android 8
Mobile 7
Amiga 6
Tandy Coco 5
GP2X 3
WinCE 2
Windows 2
Amiga AGA 2
Internet Only 2
TizenOS 1
N-Gage 1
NEC PC8801 1
NEC PC6001 1
Apple III 1
Palm 1
Oric 1
Sol-20 1

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