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This is maintenance tag for other tags that need their raw name changed. Usually a menial but time consuming task.

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UVL: Maintenance
Action chainingCertain actions can be performed only as follow-ups to others.2005 / 20169 games
Action systemA time-keeping system where available time is split into number of actions the characters can perform per turn, usually limited to 2 actions: such as move&attack or long/double move, and some special cases taking both actions.2012 / 201835 games
Aerial attack suspensionAttacking mid-air causes the character to briefly stop or significantly slow falling or even give more altitude, usually to allow player perform aerial combos. May be limited to working only if you actually hit someone.2001 / 201923 games
All for oneInversion of sacrificial lamb where all is sacrificed for the good of the "lamb" instead of the lamb being sacrificed for the good of all.2008 / 20145 games
Arkham CombatA fluid combat system created for the Batman Arkham series that has been monkeyd by other games since.2009 / 201827 games
Attack methodsSlash, stab, thrust, hack, etc. these have effects besides different name.1 game
Automated turretsPlayer has or can have weapons that automatically track hostile targets and fire upon them attached to their vehicle or themselves, not deployed into the game world.2000 / 201720 games
BerserkersCharacters or other entities that (under certain conditions) fight in uncontrollable frenzy, attacking anyone in their way or near them regardless if they're friend or foe.1998 / 201935 games
Brittle abilitiesAbilities (usually buffs) or similar that create an effect that has limited charges (until the ability is used again). Such as a attack buff that lasts for the next 3 hits, or defense buff that lasts for the next 2 hits.2009 / 201412 games
Carry capacity: Tool slotsCarry capacity is limited by available generic tool slots, or by item type (e.g. only only one heavy and one light). Not including clothing/armor or similar passive things.1992 / 2019158 games
Circadian cycleDay and night cycles on their own outside of plot, location, or triggered events, possibly influencing NPC activities accordingly.1979 / 2020461 games
Collective consciousnessThe player is not in control of a single character, but the collective consciousness of a group, nation or species.1989 / 201830 games
Combo actionsCertain actions, when chained together, create a new or improved effect.2010 / 201519 games
Custom scenariosPlayer can customize games you play. Unlike level editors, these usually have few attributes to be tweaked and the game world is randomly generated from player given parameters.1984 / 201424 games
EntangledThe protagonist is caught up in the events more or less by accident.1999 / 201630 games
Extermination warPlot involves a war or such where one side of the conflict primarily aims to fully exterminate a race or species.1998 / 20168 games
Tech fanserviceFanservice for technologically oriented individuals. Usually providing long camera panning shots across vehicles or other technical wonders, transformation sequences, or excessive detailing of their features.1999 / 201737 games
FattiesIncludes excessively fat people or creatures. Usually there for comedy (bouncy and tend to roll about) or some grotesque horror (oozing pus/sweat/saliva, excessive folding of skin, etc.).1993 / 201880 games
xPS/RTSThis is a placeholder for the FPS/RTS and TPS/RTS hybrid genres.1988 / 201630 games
Free-to-playMMOs that can be played for free, but usually offer premium membership for added content or sell special items to those who want to dish out their real money.1980 / 2019892 games
Free slicingAllows slicing characters and/or objects as the player wishes instead of along predefined cutting points.2010 / 201714 games
Hammer and anvil NPC tacticsNPC enemies use hammer and anvil tactics - where one force attacks from front while another comes from directly behind, cutting off the fallback route the player(s) originally came from (and presumably made safe) - or spawn in to seem like they do.1 game
Held jumpJump height is dependant on how long the jump button is pressed, but this is not pre-charged, jump starts (near) immediately upon pressing jump button and drop starts soon after releasing it or reaching maximum height.2015 / 20163 games
Hold/tap toggleHas option to toggle the need to repeatedly tap a control to just holding it in place.3 games
Human monstersFeatures monsters, demons, evil spirits or such that are indistinguishable from regular people, animals, or such.1992 / 201811 games
Look aroundPlayer can somehow look around without changing their facing and usually trivially return view to that direction. Common in vehicle simulations where player can look around out of the various vehicle windows without affecting vehicle movement.1998 / 201529 games
Losing is funLosing is designed to be fun or major part of the entertainment from the game, usually with player being awarded with varying loss scenes with how they managed to lose. Especially if these are not game ending losses or actually partially interactive.2009 / 20149 games
Maintained jumpPlayer maintains the upward motion of the jump with the jump button held and releases it at any time to start the downward part of the jump. In other words, higher jump with longer press of the jump button, but they start immediately upon pressing it.2011 / 201621 games
Bullet HellA sub-genre of shmup where the whole screen is literally filled with projectiles, usually with the main challenge being avoiding those bullets (often by recognizing/memorizing firing patterns) rather than destroying enemies.1993 / 2019143 games
Match-locked charactersCharacters, vehicles, etc. are locked in game matches until the end of the match, unusable in new matches even if player leaves the match early (e.g. leaving a last man standing match early after their own death).2010 / 20166 games
MolemenUnderground living humanoid moles or rodents. Likely excellent diggers.2005 / 20166 games
Monster friendWhatever the fairly normal protagonist (for a video game character) has, is a (usually giant) monster or similar being.1999 / 20168 games
Multiplayer: ControlIncludes one or more multiplayer modes where player or team wins by controlling all or most "victory points".2000 / 201793 games
Mundane dangersThe protagonist is hurt or even killed by very mundane things that shouldn't really hurt anyone. Fatal allergy to something being one of the most realistic instances of this.2000 / 201414 games
Ninja Pirate Zombie RobotA hodgepodge of various Cool Things in same setting where one would generally not expect to see them together. Essentially a fake crossover.1993 / 201853 games
Obstacle translucificationSight obscuring obstacles are made translucent or completely invisible when the game determines them to be obscuring player's view of things the protagonist can plainly see.1996 / 201621 games
Off-match power-upsPlayer can acquire power-ups outside of matches in match-based games that can't be acquired during said matches.2009 / 20154 games
Open classingAlthough classes are used, these do not restrict what the character can do or learn though it likely encompasses what they do better. Essentially meaning every character can do or can learn to do everything any other character can regardless of class.1996 / 201833 games
Over the topFrequently overdoes the drama, action, or anything else to a point where what happens is ludicrous.2003 / 201523 games
Passing the torchWhenever player character dies or otherwise becomes incapacitated indefinitely, the responsibility of finishing the task is passed on to another character.2008 / 201515 games
Passive bonanzaFocuses on player acquiring inordinate number of passive bonuses, power-ups, or such to succeed.2013 / 201615 games
Meta progressionIncludes a method of progression tied to account, player profile, the game installation, or similar that affects all concurrent and/or subsequent playthroughs.1990 / 2019109 games
Pole weaponsIncludes melee weapons with a long pole as a central feature.1985 / 2019293 games
Polyplopic enemiesIncludes enemies that create multiple false images (illusory clones, doppelgängers, holograms, or such) of themselves and the player must somehow identify the real one to defeat them.1998 / 201632 games
Pre-rendered in-game cinematicsUses pre-rendered cinematics that seem like they were recorded off the game itself. Likely mixed with some external tool usage for adding extra content or otherwise enhancing the videos.2001 / 20137 games
Pseudo-3D / 2.5DVariant of 2.5D games that uses 3D graphics but gameplay is limited to 2D plane instead of the other way around.1996 / 201898 games
Pseudo cheatsIncludes "cheats" that mostly do not affect actual gameplay in a way that could be called cheating, but rather change it to be strange, funny or just different than originally intended. Usually accessible by quite obvious cheat menu.1995 / 201224 games
Ragtag gangThe group our hero leads is comprised of exceptionally diverse members, even so much so that it seems extremely implausible.1990 / 201989 games
Resistance movementA resistance or similar movement is taking place during the story, possibly with the player helping or fighting it.1987 / 2020180 games
Recall portalIncludes an ability, item, or other such that teleports the protagonist back to their home or nearest safe haven, such as the nearest friendly habitat.1989 / 201990 games
Red ScareCommunists are expanding their territory, spying on non-communist nations, sabotaging non-communist infrastructure, spreading pro-communist propaganda, waging all out war on non-communists, and so forth.1981 / 201662 games
Reload: PassiveReloading happens even when the thing isn't held out, continuing as the player swaps to other weapons or tools.2012 / 20144 games
Settlement minigameSettlement, village, or such management as a minigame, side activity, or such without being a proper city-building or colony sim hybrid.2002 / 20165 games
Simon SaysMuch of the story or gameplay revolves around doing exactly what you're told, or somehow interacting with that expectation.1984 / 201711 games
SlobberyGives off an unusually wet/slimy impression, especially if the various characters (or even places) drool, ooze or otherwise secrete liquids or slime a lot.1993 / 201427 games
Space flightAll or part of the flying is done in deep space, outside the gravitational effects of planetary bodies.1971 / 2019254 games
Spirit hostsPeople who willingly, without any form of coercion, become hosts to demons, ghosts, or other spirits. Also willing hosts to physical parasites, symbionts, or similar.1996 / 201610 games
Sprite morphingSprites/textures are morphed within themselves, or the containing polygon is morphed, giving the illusion of movement without having to actually animate the sprite/texture itself for it.2007 / 201712 games
TaggingPlayer can tag targets, usually other NPCs, to signify something.2004 / 201733 games
Task failureFailing non-plot critical tasks does not allow repeat attempts. Besides denying task reward, this will also block progress in task chains.1984 / 201516 games
TennoAn unnamed series or rather setting from Digital Extremes dealing with one Tenno or another.2008 / 20135 games
TerrainTerrain type has effect on gameplay, such as movement speed over it, ability to cultivate it, reactions with certain actions or elements (e.g. severe cold on grass vs puddle of water), and so forth.2003 / 20167 games
Time changesThe game changes or certain events trigger based on real time rather than in-game time.1999 / 20088 games
Timed block attacksTiming blocks properly causes an attack to be performed in addition to it.1 game
Timeout hunterOnce time limit is reached, or just certain time has passed, a hunter of some description is spawned that proceeds to chase the player until they finish the objective or are defeated.1980 / 201837 games
TombstonesFeatures humorous quips or references written on tombstones as epitaphs. Likely things the authors couldn't fit anywhere else but didn't want to discard them.1984 / 201770 games
Unconnected extremitiesCharacters' hands and feet are not connected to the body by limbs but rather move seemingly independently of it.1990 / 201251 games
UnfinishedHas various pieces of content that obviously should lead to something but upon farther exploration, examination, and so forth don't produce any notable results. This does not necessarily mean the game is unplayable or impossible to beat.1999 / 20127 games
Urban LegendHas a persistent and wide spread and widely believed urban legend or unproven rumor associated with them.1982 / 19943 games
Variable visualsHas multiple visual styles available built-in that are selected either by player choice, or cycled randomly, in sequence, or in any other manner.1999 / 201630 games