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Game features a Pontiac Grand Am of any year or variation.


The first video game about Automobile: Pontiac Grand Am was released in 1984.

Rockstar Games, Codemasters and THQ has published most of these games

In the 1970s, US manufactures did not often mix luxury and sport features in their cars. Pontiac conceived a car that was like a Grand Prix and like a Trans Am. Executives creatively named it the Grand Am. One could buy a bare bones Grand Prix for about $750 cheaper but without the same luxuries or powerful engine; those would cost about $1,500 more. A Trans am with a similarly powered engine was about $60 cheaper, but without the luxuries. It seemed like a really good deal. But, unforeseen events made it monumentally bad timing to begin selling this design in 1973 since OPEC levied an oil embargo to the USA just after. Pontiac buyers quickly prioritized their buying to complete luxury if they had the money or complete economy if they didn't. These models ranged from 170-310 Horsepower.

There were no 1976 and 1977 models. A second generation of Grand Ams were produced 1978-1980. Emission regulations hindered performance options. These models ranged from 135-160 Horsepower.

1985–2005 Grans Ams were front wheel drive and over time many different engines were used ranging from 90 to 180 HP.

In 2010 the Pontiac brand was discontinued as part of General Motors' bankruptcy restructuring.

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