Video game concept

Parent group

Automatic runningPlayer character and others automatically run or jog.1997 / 201762 games
Constant velocityPlayer character's movement speed is a constant, there's either full stop or the defined speed with no variation between.0 game
Fall damageFalling down from substantial height causes damage or even death. May or may not require a collision.1982 / 2018477 games
Fall impactFalling down a significant height causes the character to recoil from the impact, roll across the floor, or otherwise react to the impact force.1990 / 2018160 games
Lethal velocityCrashing into something solid or semi-solid at high speed is bad for your health.1997 / 201622 games
No fall damageFalling down from a significant height does not cause damage or any other similar inconveniences.1982 / 2017553 games
Speed bonusA power-up that causes the player character to move faster than usual. This could be for a limited time, until hit or killed, or for all the gameplay.1985 / 201549 games
Speed buildupSpeed builds up the longer you move - especially run - relatively straight.2003 / 201818 games
Speed controlPlayer has high control over the speed at which they move about.2005 / 20139 games
Speed limitsPlayer must observe appropriate speed limits when driving or otherwise moving around in public locations.1999 / 20116 games