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Games included in the standalone VG Pocket Mini 30-in-1 budget hand held by PDP. The VGPm has a 1.5 inch built-in screen & also does composite TV-out.


The first video game about VG Pocket Mini was released on December 25, 1985.

PDP stands for Performance Designed Products which seems to be an alternate name used by Pelican Accessories. Its slightly smaller than a folded Gameboy Advanced SP. The VGPm runs on three AAA batteries and has no DC jack for a wall plug. It has a 1.5 inch screen and a solid-state speaker built-in to the unit. There are A & B buttons on the left top and another set of A & B buttons right on the top of the unit (for lefties or righties). There is one 4 direction joystick under the screen. The power button serves as a reset key when tapped or as power off when held 1 second and released (without interruption of other controls). It will switch itself off if left alone for 3 minutes unless you are playing one of the games with an "Exit" option on the menu. An A/V jack allows for TV video output with mono sound. There is also a stereo phono jack. It has a keychain/wriststrap loop. It comes with a wriststrap. All indications are that this system is based on the NES-ON-A-CHIP hardware and that its 100% legal (via expiration of specific intellectual property rights). Since there are no start or select buttons, the games have been redesigned to function with only 2 buttons (combos are sometimes needed to access a function originally intended for the start or select buttons). MSRP varies from $18.95 to 24.99 depending on the distributor. These systems have been seen in "Pelican" and "Performance Designed Products" packages. The VG Pocket Mini reportedly was discontinued due to poor sales while the other units branded "VG Pocket" are still on the market.

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