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Weapons or other tools that vibrate at extreme frequency and usually in such small movements that it's imperceptible to human eye (though often generating a distinct hum), commonly in form of swords or other bladed weapons.


Alternate names: Vibroblades, Vibrating weapons, Oscillating weapons

The first video game about Vibroweapons was released in 1995.

LucasArts and Square has published most of these games

Essentially uses the same principle as jackhammer, but with a step into the extreme and obviously with less bulky driving mechanism. Rapidly chiseling away anything struck with such weapon as it is swung, commonly have extreme armor penetration capabilities not to speak of rending flesh and bone.

Occasionally the vibrating effect is somehow attributed to sound.

Most commonly these exist as swords but hammers and spears (or spikes) are somewhat common too.

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