Video game theme

Tags describing things that are primarily visual elements.

Alternate name: Graphics

AngularUses visual style that employs mainly straight lines and sharp angles.2013 / 201625 games
Barrel bodiesCharacters have barrel-like torsos with thin twig-like legs at farthest edges of it causing abnormally large gap to be seen between them, and possibly similarly thin arms as well.2011 / 201726 games
BlockyDesigned to be very blocky in appearance, with heavy use of square/rectangle/cube shapes. Likely as an attempt to make the game seem older than it is and/or to reduce resources needed to produce graphics.2002 / 2019119 games
BrightUses mostly bright colors, giving a happy, shiny, clean and/or energetic outlook.1986 / 201334 games
Bulky charactersAll characters are depicted as excessively bulky/sturdy all around but not necessarily fat.1988 / 201321 games
CaricatureCharacters' certain personal traits are greatly enhanced or simplified.1993 / 201652 games
CartoonyCharacters' physique distorts as necessary beyond what would be possible in reality.1991 / 201810 games
ChibiCharacters appear child-like in terms of proportions despite their actual age.2012 / 201810 games
Chromatic aberrationSimulates the distortion effect of a flawed camera lens where colors separate visibly.2012 / 201869 games
ColorfulUses a wide variety of strong and distinct colors.1987 / 2017150 games
Color schemesAny heavy uses of certain choice colors.container group
ContrastedUses heavily contrasting colors, making itself look brightly colorful but also dark at the same time.1988 / 201519 games
Crepuscular raysSimulates light rays seen at edges of light and dark areas of air, essentially caused by light scattering from air particles.2002 / 201669 games
CRT EffectsVisuals simulate realistic, rare, or even imagined aspects of CRT displays.1992 / 201829 games
CutesyExcessively employs visuals, designs, etc. that primarily would be described as [i]cute[/i].1990 / 201616 games
DarkThe environs are unusually dark, either because it's a perpetual night, you're stuck in a structure with limited light sources or anything else, forcing you to use any light source(s) you can find or cope with what little you can find in the env1976 / 2018386 games
Depth of fieldSimulates the depth of field optic effect, blurring things that are out-of-focus.1999 / 2019177 games
DesaturatedColors are tinted towards gray or are neutral-ish with each other.1999 / 201830 games
DilapidatedGives the impression of worn down and/or poorly (or not at all) maintained habitats and such.2003 / 201822 games
DingyGives an image of dirty, rusted and old world in state of constant decay.1993 / 201863 games
Dust motesDust motes or similar float about in the air, sea, or space. Usually they try to impart a sense of motion in places where seeing it otherwise might not be so clear, or simply for atmosphere.1994 / 201525 games
Epileptic VisualsMore than most, these games pose a higher risk of seizures due to flashing, specific contrasting patterns, or other known visual factors.1986 / 20174 games
Visual exaggerationcontainer group
FieryExtensive use of flames/fire for visual effect.2011 / 20145 games
Film grainDepicted as if through some old or poor quality film by overlaying film grain or other effects that simulate deteriorated film over the whole screen, possibly muting or tinting colors as well.2001 / 201833 games
Flat shadingA shading method that lacks smooth gradients and rather uses noticeably stepping with shades or completely lacks shades altogether.1991 / 201416 games
GigeresqueUses graphics similar to H. R. Giger's works.1988 / 201519 games
GloomyThe art style is gloomy, dark but not in a way that obscures visibility.1991 / 201840 games
Gothic ArtsDraws inspiration from Gothic art and fiction.1996 / 201723 games
Gouraud shadingA shading method that linearly interpolates the color between each point of a triangle (polygon) producing a gradient fill instead of single flat color.1992 / 201621 games
Visible GridNotable shows a grid even for a game that is not grid based.1983 / 20133 games
Hand-drawnHas the look of something drawn by hand (non-digitally).1992 / 2019109 games
Heat haze2005 / 201524 games
Heavy specularityHeavily uses graphics effects that gives almost everything a glossy, plastic appearance. Usually from overuse of certain kinds of specular lighting or bump mapping. Especially if there's complete lack of matte surfaces.2000 / 201519 games
Hourglass figuresCharacters, though mainly females, have consistently a hourglass figure.1 game
Inconsistent styleThe art style is inconsistent within the game, either on purpose, by lack of or poor art direction, or lack of resources.1992 / 201610 games
Limited paletteUses intentionally limited color palette, with certain primary colors (including additive primaries) seemingly missing altogether (and/or any variation of them). Not for flat shading (limited hue) or platform/hardware specific limitations on color.1999 / 201748 games
MonochromaticUses only shades of single color.2016 / 20176 games
Motion blur1994 / 2018140 games
NeonGives the impression of things in the game world being made of lit neon sign tubes, or like materials. Dark backgrounds enhance the effect.2006 / 2018127 games
No shadingUses a visual style that employs no shading.2012 / 20134 games
Papercraft visuals2001 / 201512 games
Papery2004 / 201831 games
Picturesque1988 / 20124 games
PixelatedIntentionally runs with pixel doubling, tripling, or something - such as the graphics are designed to look like it - that brings out the pixels to visible levels as they used to be in old games.1986 / 2019398 games
Psychedelic VisualsMetaphysical, surreal, kaleidoscopic, fractal, paisley, extremely contrasting, detail stylization, morphic, phosphenes, spiral, concentrics, diffractions, entoptic, untypography, hand-letter, and/or warped visuals1990 / 201920 games
Radial blurAn effect that blurs vision the farther away from the center of your screen (the focal point) you look.2010 / 201710 games
Color scheme: RedThe color red is used a lot.2004 / 201823 games
RetroReproduces the appearance (and possibly audio) of an old game, though likely enhanced with modern graphics techniques.1999 / 2018463 games
Artificial scanlinesReproduces a certain type of retro look by introducing scanlines to the display, where every other line or column is dimmed or even completely blanked.2012 / 201717 games
ScenicThe scenery has received extreme attention to detail and depth, and player has numerous chances to admire it.1989 / 201882 games
Screen noiseSimulates analog video noise, usually seen as random interference all over the screen that at extreme end is just rapidly changing black and white dots ("snow") all over the screen.1 game
Selective colorMost of the visuals are (gray) monochrome or otherwise desaturated with few select things in the scenes having normal color to draw attention to them. Does not necessarily have limited palette.2006 / 201833 games
SilhouettedGraphics consist mostly of silhouettes of everything rather than more precise depictions of them.1991 / 201554 games
Simplistic visualsUses simple visuals with extremely low amount of detail.1998 / 201735 games
SlobberyGives off an unusually wet/slimy impression, especially if the various characters (or even places) drool, ooze or otherwise secrete liquids or slime a lot.1993 / 201427 games
Stained GlassThe game world is visual presented as if it were stained glass.3 games
Stick figures1985 / 201311 games
StylizedUses non-specific stylized graphic outlook.1985 / 2019125 games
Subsurface scattering1 game
Super deformedWhen animanga goes the cartoon way, exaggerated limbs and humongous head. Often confused with chibi.1987 / 2016129 games
Transparent SolidsVisual style where solid objects that one would expect to be opaque are instead transparent. This can be by intended design or due to limitations.1974 / 20132 games
Tunnel visionA condition where person sees only the center (focal) part clearly or sees only that part with everything else indistinguishable.1999 / 20149 games
Variable visualsHas multiple visual styles available built-in that are selected either by player choice, or cycled randomly, in sequence, or in any other manner.1999 / 201630 games
VCR effects2015 / 20163 games
VibrantUses unnaturally pure and bright colors, or artificially produces the appearance of such by having added bloom effect to them. Effect is similar to (but not the same as) increasing saturation.1988 / 201770 games
WatercolorHas the look of a watercolor painting.1 game