Walking armory

Video game concept

The protagonist carries around an unrealistic amount of large weaponry.


The first video game about Walking armory was released on December 10, 1993.

Valve, Bungie Software and GT Interactive has published most of these games

See also: hammerspace
Contrast: limited capacity (though not reliably so), morphing equipment (same weapon serving the functionality of many)

This tag should primarily used in cases where the player is not punished at all for having such a ridiculous quantity of weapons. So even if you can carry 10+ assault rifles, but this reduces you to a crawl, then they should not be included. However, being able to carry a minigun, rocket launcher, disintegrator beam, a fair number of grenades, several smaller automatic weapons, and a wrench without noticeable effort? It certainly fits this.

On PC platforms this usually exists as 9-12 different weapons all mapped (often hardcoded shortcuts) to the buttons between tilde and backspace (usually just the numbers, sometimes the rest as well).
On consoles, this usually has even less limits as they tend to use scrolling function to swap them (much like mouse wheel is used optionally in many PC games).
The number of weapons is not really that reliable factor in this, but rather what kind they are and how one could ever possibly carry them while also doing whatever the protagonist actually does.

If the weapons are only accessible by cycling through inventory screens or such , especially with no handy shortcuts, then these should not be included either, as including properly packed gear makes this too broad.

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