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A sci-fi genre that delivers the science in a very fantastic manner, often by throwing any pretense of science out of the window.

Note that the lack of scientific accuracy is not usually due to lack of research or understanding on the subject from the author, but rather intentional disregard or even actively breaking away from known facts.

Popular media examples:
* Futurama
* Danny Phantom
* Doctor Who (earlier series at least)
* Power Rangers
* Flash Gordon and its rival Buck Rogers
* The original Star Trek series hopped around this and normal-ish sci-fi.
* There was also a TV series that blatantly even used this genre name as its name.
* There used to be (back in 1950s or so) pulp sci-fi magazines/comics that used Super Science or Weird Science in their name.

Seemingly a popular form of sci-fi back in 1950s.

Examples of content:
* Human consciousness, or even whole being, being transferred into a computer
* Computer programs becoming real
* Machines that operate via ludicrous principles (e.g. a vehicle engine that moves the universe around the vehicle rather than propelling the vehicle itself)
* Radiation/mutagens causing wide range of fantastic and benevolent (as in: non-lethal) mutations
* Laws of reality completely changed ("rewritten") by science: creating new or destroying old universal truths

Unlike techno-fantasy, no amount of explaining (short of re-inventing or tampering with the laws of nature) will make the things you see plausible.

Often overlaps with super science, where one or few individuals have abnormally high level of tech (and understanding of it) at their disposal.

The first Weird science video game was released on September 30, 1997.

Interplay, Activision and THQ published most of these games.

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