Windows 8

Software entity

Runs natively on Win8 and is supported by the developers/publishers on it.


Alternate names: Windows NT 6.2, Windows RT

The first video game about Windows 8 was released on July 2006.

2K Games, Focus Home Interactive and Microsoft has published most of these games

Designed for closed ecosystem so games can be only installed from Windows Store. Enterprise edition can install them otherwise, other editions can supposedly unlock sideloading somehow but this requires separate license or such.

Requires motherboard with UEFI secure boot support.

32bit version of Windows 8 still supports 16bit applications, and like with XP and those after it, 64bit version does not.

DWM is now impossible to disable, so any games with compatibility issues with that are helpless.

Windows 8 and Windows RT support can be distinguished with x86 and ARM CPU tags where appropriate.

Despite being mostly a minor update to Windows, this exists separately due to the closed ecosystem setup it has.

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Microsoft Windows


Windows 67

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A2012 - Windows 8 released

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