Video game serie

A tactical strategy series originally designed by Julian Gollop where the player has to counter various alien invasions.


Alternate names: Extraterrestrial Combat Unit
Name variations: XCOM

The first video game about X-COM was released in 1994.

2K Games, Microprose and Hasbro Interactive has published most of these games

Series inspired by X-COM:
* UFO by Altar Interactive
* UFO: Extraterrestrials by Chaos Concept
Rights to the franchise are currently held by Take-Two Interactive (2K Games), who changed the series name to XCOM from X-COM in their new titles.

Child groups

X-COM: Original series, XCOM 2012 reboot

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Windows 15
Linux 5
PS3 3
X360 3
Mac OS X 2
PS 2
iOS 1
3DO 1
Pandora 1
Amiga AGA 1
WinCE 1
Mobile 1

By year

9496980002040608101214161820 82460 ABCD
A1995 - X-COM novel by Diane Duane
B1997 - X-COM novel by Vladimir Vasilyev
C1998 - Hasbro acquired the X-COM IP
D2005 - 2K Games acquired the X-COM IP

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