Experience: Undefined

Other (objects, etc.) concept

Source of experience gain is unknown or otherwise undefined.


The first video game about Experience: Undefined was released in 1991.

Tripwire Interactive, Endless Loop Studios and Electronic Arts has published most of these games

# RPG elements #

Experience gain:
* None
* Deeds
* Kills/Defeats
* Game progress
* Objects
* Literal

Character advancement:
* None
* Static
* Literal experience
* Experience distribution
* Point distribution
* Deeds
* Perks
* Objects
* Game progress
* Intermediary

* Multiple experience types
* Shared experience
* Undefined experience (games missing info on how experience is gained)
* Undefined advancement (games missing info on how character advancement works)
For games which are known to have an experience (point) system but the source of those points is unknown or UVL does not have anything that matches it (yet).