ZIL engine

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A text game engine. Z-machine games where written in ZIL and compiled with Zilch into Z-code files. Z-machines for any platform all ran the same Z-code.


Alternate names: Zork Implementation Language, Z-Machine

The first video game about ZIL engine was released in 1983.

Infocom, Fully Ramblomatic and Big Red Computer Club has published most of these games

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Game engines


Mac OS Classic 20
Linux 6
Windows 3
Amiga 3
Apple II E 3
Atari ST 2
Tandy Coco 2
Amstrad CPC 2
Amstrad PCW 2
Apple IIGS 2
Atari 400/800 2
Oric 1
TRS-80 1
OS/2 1
BeOS 1
Coleco Adam 1
C128 1
Commodore PET 1
C64 1

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