APF Imagination Machine

Made in USA by APF Electronics in 1978
Generation: 2

[APF M-1000 / MP-1000]
The APF Microcomputer System is a second generation 8-bit cartridge-based home video game console released in 1978 by APF Electronics Inc with six cartridges. The console is often referred to as M-1000 or MP-1000, which are the two model numbers of the console. The controllers are non-detachable joysticks which also have numeric keypads. The APF-MP1000 is a part of the APF Imagination Machine. It is the successor to the APF TV Fun line of first generation consoles.
Source: Wikipedia

[APF Imagination Machine]
The APF Imagination Machine is a combination home video game console and computer system released by APF Electronics Inc. in late 1979. It was composed of two separate components, the APF-M1000 game system, and an add on docking bay with full sized typewriter keyboard and tape drive. The Imagination Machine has the distinction of being one of, if not the first, affordable home PCs to connect to the television, and is still one of the most expandable consoles ever marketed. The full APF Imagination Machine, including the APF-M1000 console and the IM-1 computer component originally sold for around $700.
Source: Wikipedia

In UVL, the APF M-1000 "console" and APF Imagination Machine "computer" are placed under the same platform.

tech info

resolution: 256 x 192 x 4 colors / 128 x 192 x 8 colors
memory: 16K ROM9K RAM
CPU: Motorola 6800 3.579 MHz
GFX: MC6847
sound: One sound channel in 5 Octaves