Made in USA by Zeebo in 2009
Generation: 7

Released games per year

08091011 32816240
CPU: 528 MHz ARM11 / QDSP-5
GPU: ATI Imageon (Adreno)
RAM: 160 MB (128 MB DDR SDRAM, 32 MB in "MSM6201A")
Display: 640x480 (4:3 aspect)
Net: 3G (fallback to 2.5G and 2G)
Other: 1 GB NAND Flash, 3 USB A 2.0 ports, SD card slot, 8 channel audio
Weight: 1.3kg

Game development is through BREW with Zeebo SDK. Supports OpenGL ES 1.0/1.1. Games are downloaded through wireless connection to the device.
Zeebo is a video game console created by Zeebo Inc., targeted for "the next billion" consumers in developing markets such as Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC). The company’s stated intention was to design an affordable console with inexpensive games delivered via wireless download to circumvent piracy. There are no DVDs and cartridges; games and other content are delivered wirelessly over broadband cellular networks.

The console is manufactured for the Brazilian market in Free Economic Zone of Manaus and went on sale in limited quantities in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on May 25, 2009 with a suggested retail price of R$ 499,00 (Brazilian reais). In September of the same year the price was cut to R$ 399,00, and the price was reduced again in November to R$299,00 (~165USD).

The Zeebo was launched in Mexico in November, 2009. It shipped to national retailers across the country on November 4, with a suggested price of 2,499 Mexican pesos (approximately $189 US). The console was distributed nationwide in Brazil in December of 2009. Reports indicate that further introductions are planned in India in 2010 and China by 2011.

In 2010 the Zeebo Inc. has partnered with AT & T to use its 3G network, which would allow the use of Zeebo in over 220 countries. In the same year was also announced the possible launch of the console in the U.S. market in 2011.

Zeebo Inc. was formed by Tectoy and Qualcomm.