Apple II E

Made in USA by Apple in 1977
Units sold: 6000000
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Made by Steve Jobs & Stephen Wozniak


[Apple II]
The first Apple II computers went on sale on June 10, 1977 with a MOS Technology 6502 microprocessor running at 1.023 MHz. The original Apple II was discontinued at the start of 1981, having been superseded by the Apple II Plus.
Source: Wikipedia

[Apple II Plus]
The Apple II Plus, introduced in June 1979, included the Applesoft BASIC programming language in ROM. Except for improved graphics and disk-booting support in the ROM, and the removal of the 2k 6502 assembler/disassembler to make room for the floating point BASIC, the II+ was otherwise identical to the original II.
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[Apple IIe]
The Apple II Plus was followed in 1983 by the Apple IIe, a cost-reduced yet more powerful machine that used newer chips to reduce the component count and add new features, such as the display of upper and lowercase letters and a standard 64 kB of RAM. The Apple IIe was the most popular machine in the Apple II series. It has the distinction of being the longest-lived Apple computer of all time—it was manufactured and sold with only minor changes for nearly 11 years.
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[Apple IIc]
Apple released the Apple IIc in April 1984, billing it as a portable Apple II, because it could be easily carried, though unlike modern portables it lacked a built-in display and battery. The Apple IIc was the first Apple II to use the 65C02 low-power variant of the 6502 processor, and featured a built-in 5.25-inch floppy drive and 128 kB RAM, with a built-in disk controller that could control external drives, composite video (NTSC or PAL), serial interfaces for modem and printer, and a port usable by either a joystick or mouse. Unlike previous Apple II models, the IIc had no internal expansion slots at all, this being the means by which its compact size was attained. IIc machines supported the 16-color double hi-resolution graphics mode and from a software standpoint were identical to the IIe.
Source: Wikipedia

- The Tandy Trackstar was an expansion card and boot disk that allowed a Tandy 1000 (A PC clone) to boot as an Apple][ to read and write Apple][ disks and run Apple][ software.
- An expansion card called The Mill allows an Apple][ to run OS-9. There was also an expansion card with a Motorola 68008 CPU.

tech info

resolution: 280 x 192 x 16 colors, 560 x 192 x 16 colors, 560 x 192 monochrome
memory: 64K RAM, 16K ROM
CPU: MOS 65c02 1.02 MHz
sound: 1 channel

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