Made in USA by Bell Labs in 1971
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By AT&T Bell Labs Originally. Various branches & versions (none of them Linux, each has group within the UNIX platform at UVL) BSD, FreeBSD, SunOS, etc... were made over the years. Trademark now owned by The Open Group.

Linux (GNU/Linux, that is, any OS using the Linux kernel) is a "UNIX-like" OS, not derived directly from UNIX. GNU stands for "Gnu's Not Unix

Unix is a group of operating systems that all branch from the original UNIX developed in 1969 by a group of AT&T employees at Bell Labs. The Open Group owns the UNIX trademark and allows operating systems to use it if they comply with the Single UNIX Specification. UNIX was created to play Space Travel. Early improvements in UNIX were driven by games and UNIX had the most influence on early computer software and hardware that lead to the modern videogame industry.