Open Pandora

Made in Germany by OpenPandora in 2010-05
Generation: 7
Units sold: 6000
OS: Custom Ångström
Display: 4.3 inch 5:3 TFT-LCD (Touchscreen)
Storage: 512MB NAND, USB port, Dual SDIO SDXC slots (64GB+64GB capacity)
I/O: 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, USB 2.0, Bluetooth 2.0, EDR, DAC, ADC, RS-232, PAL+NTSC, Independent A/V-out, Independent Composite, Independent S-Video, 3.5mm Stereo headphone, Stereo Speakers, external serial UART, internal UART connections (for hardware hacking), RTC, Microphone, 8-way D-pad, 2 analogue nubs, 2 shoulder buttons, 4 gaming buttons, 43-key QWERTY keyboard with numeric/function key row, Touchscreen
Power: 4200mAh Li-ion polymer battery (10-20 hours), mini-AB USB port (4 hour charging)

Open Pandora is a hybrid Pocket Computer and Hand-held gaming console with both a keyboard and analogue gamepad built-in. Its primary purposes are to run free and open-source software and for homebrew development. Comes with a Hackers Guide detailing schematics, all manor of possible mods, risks of performing, and warranty voiding results. The hardware has Brick Prevention protections (but the system is not invulnerable). Official sources for software are Pandora Apps, Pandora File Archive, Pandora Repo. Plus several git repositories are officially supported for key software (such as the Linux kernel). Additionally the console has seem commercial ports such as Jagged Alliance 2 and Homeworld. Finally, there have been notable static recompilation ports of x86 games such as StarCraft and Diablo II. It ships with Ångström but purposefully designed for easy replacement or addition of other operating systems. Ubuntu, Gentoo, Android are common additions and can be run simultaneously and cooperatively with Ångström. Debian deb packages for ARM can be installed directly on the default Ångström disto. Overclocking to 740MHz has also been made easy and most users deem this to necessary to run alternative desktop operating systems. It is possible to replace the OMAP3530 with a [email protected] (also PowerVR [email protected] and 512MB [email protected]). OpenPandora GmbH will perform such upgrades or sell already upgraded consoles.

Emulators are a common use for the Open Pandora and it is advertised as being able to emulate anything pre-Dreamcast.

While there are co-processors (DSP chips) and the GPU in the Pandora that can handle 64-bit and 128-bit operations, OpenPandora GmbH claims Open Pandora is a 32-bit console. Since the main CPU is 32-bit and the main bus is 32-bit, this would be a correct claim for a console with some 64-bit and 128-bit maneuvers.

tech info

resolution: 800x480x24-bit
memory: 256-512MB DDR-333
CPU: 32-bit Cortex-A8(OMAP3530)@600MHz
GFX: PowerVR SGX [email protected]
sound: 32/64/128-bit [email protected], 64/128-bit [email protected]