Sharp MZ-Series

Made in Japan by Sharp in 1978
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MZ-80/80K series
  • MZ-80K, released 1978, a kit computer with keyboard.
  • MZ-80K2, pre-built version.
  • MZ-80K2E, budget pre-built version.
  • MZ-80C, improved keyboard, 48KB upgrade
  • MZ-80A (MZ-1200), released 1982, overall up grade of the 80K, improved keyboard, more V-RAM, green-screen VDU.

The MZ-700 series can be considered MZ-80K machines with color graphics
  • MZ-700, released 1982, cassette drive, mostly backward compatible with the MZ-80 series.
  • MZ-1500, released 1984, 320x200 graphics, had built-in sound, 2.8-inch Quick Disk drive.
  • MZ-800, released 1985, 640x200 graphics, cassette drive, Notably not available in Japan.

The MZ-80B/2000 series
  • MZ-80B, released 1981, 320x200 graphics, upgradeable VRAM, built-in monitor
  • MZ-80B2, 80B with VRAM included, built-in monitor
  • MZ-2000, released 1982, 640x200 color graphics (optional), built-in color monitor, backward compatible with 80B BASIC games
  • MZ-2200, released 1983, no built-in monitor

The MZ-2500/SuperMZ series used [email protected] CPUs, YM2203 FM sound, 3.5 inch disks, hardware scrolling, 256 colors pallete (4096 optional upgrade). Some claim this series was the 8-bit best hardware ever offered to the home market.
  • MZ-2511, mostly backward compatible with the MZ-80B and MZ-2000.
  • MZ-2520, not backward compatible
  • MZ-2521
  • MZ-2531(MZ-2500V2), released 1986.

The MZ-2861 released 1987 was a 16-bit hybrid PC clobe with 286 and Z80 CPUs. It was MS-DOS compatible and backward compatible with the MZ-2500 series. It also featured a PC98 emulator.

The MZ-3500, released 1982, Dual Z80A CPUs. 5.25 disk drives.

The MZ-5500, released 1983, IBM-PC clone with 8086 CPU.

The MZ-6500, released 1984, an upgraded MZ-5500

The MZ-6550, IBM-PC clone with 80286 CPU and 3.5-inch disk drive.

The MZ-8000, IBM-PC/AT clone with 80286 or 80386 CPUs[/list]


tech info

resolution: 80 x 50 x 8 colors
memory: 64K RAM, 2K videoRAM, 6K ROM
sound: 1 channel / 3 octaves

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