Fairchild Channel F

Made in USA by Fairchild Camera and Instrument in 1976
Generation: 2
The first programmable cartridge system. Initially titled Video Entertainment System, or VES, when Atari released their VCS the next year, Fairchild renamed it.

In 1979, Zircon International bought the rights to the Channel F and released the Channel F System II. Only six new games were released after the debut of the second system before its death, several of which were developed at Fairchild before they sold it off.

A number of licensed versions were released in Europe, including the Luxor Video Entertainment System in Sweden, Adman Grandstand in the UK, and the Saba Videoplay, Nordmende Teleplay and ITT Tele-Match Processor, from Germany.

* CPU chip: Fairchild F8 operating at 1.79 MHz (PAL 2.22 MHz)
* RAM: 64 bytes, 2 kB VRAM (2×128×64 bits)
* Resolution: 128 × 64 pixels, 102 × 58 pixels visible
* Colors: eight colors (either black/white or four color max. per line)
* Audio: 500 Hz, 1 kHz, and 1.5 kHz tones (can be modulated quickly to produce different tones)
* Input: two custom game controllers, hardwired to the console (original release) or removable (Channel F System II)
* Output: RF modulated composite video signal, cord hardwired to console