Mac OS X video games list, 'a'

titledeveloperyeargame type pop.
A Boy and His BlobAbstraction Games;WayForward Technologies2016platformer Fantasy
A Glass Roomauthor;La Triennale di Milano2016adventure
A Gypsy's Tale: The Tower of SecretsAmaranth Games;ChaYoWo Games2010Fantasy
A House in CaliforniaCardboard Computer2010adventure puzzle
A Little Lily PrincessHanako Games2016simulation
A Long Way Homeauthor2016
A Story About My UncleGone North Games2017action/reflex platformer
A Tale in the DeserteGenesis;Pluribus Games2003role-play Historical
A Valley Without WindArcen Games2012action/reflex platformer Fantasy
A Valley Without Wind 2Arcen Games2013action/reflex platformer strategy turn-based Fantasy
A.R.C.S.Retromite2012Science Fiction
Aaru's AwakeningLumenox2015platformer Fantasy
Abu Simbel Profanation DeluxeM.A Software2006platformer
AchronHazardous Software2011strategy Science Fiction
AdanaxisMushware Limited2005shooter simulation flight Science Fiction
Advanced Strategic Command?2008strategy
Adventures in Odyssey and the Great EscapeDigital Praise2005action/reflex adventure Manga
Adventures in Odyssey and the Sword of the SpiritDigital Praise2004action/reflex adventure Manga
Adventures in Odyssey and the Treasure of the IncasDigital Praise2004action/reflex adventure Manga
Aeon CommandBat Country Games2012strategy
Aeon of Sands: The TrailTwo Bits KidTBA role-play Fantasy
Age of Empires II: The Age of KingsWestlake Interactive2001manag./econ. strategy Historical
Age of Empires IIIEnsemble Studios2006manag./econ. strategy Historical
Age of Empires III: The Asian DynastiesEnsemble Studios;Destineer2008strategy
Age of Empires III: The WarChiefsEnsemble Studios2007manag./econ. strategy Historical
Age of Fear: The Undead KingLeslaw Sliwko2011strategy turn-based Fantasy
Age of MythologyMacSoft2003strategy Fantasy
Age of Wonders IIITriumph Studios2015strategy turn-based Fantasy
Agent GDO - InvasionFlissoft2014action/reflex platformer shooter Science Fiction
Air ForteBlendo Games2010edutainment
Air Pressure?2010simulation adventure
Airburst ExtremeStrange Flavour2004action/reflex
Airline Tycoon DeluxeRunesoft2006simulation manag./econ.
AirMechCarbon Games2015shooter strategy Science Fiction
Airscape: Fall of GravityCross-Product2015platformer Cartoon
Akaneiro: Demon HuntersSpicy Horse2014action/reflex role-play Fantasy
Albion OnlineSandbox InteractiveTBA action/reflex simulation role-play Fantasy
Alien Blitzauthor2016
Alien SpidyEnigma SP2013platformer Cartoon
Alien SwarmBlack Cat Games2004action/reflex strategy Science Fiction
Aliens versus PredatorMacPlay2001Horror
Aliens versus Predator 2MacPlay2003Horror
Alpacapaca DashSynnergy Circle Games2017platformer
AltitudeNimbly Games2010shooter flight
Alwa's AwakeningElden Pixels2017platformer Fantasy
Amazing Adventures: Riddle of the Two KnightsPopCap Games2012adventure
Amazing Adventures: The Forgotten DynastyPopCap Games2011adventure puzzle
aMazing BibleDigital Praise2009maze
American History LuxSillysoft Games2006strategy
Amnesia: A Machine for Pigsthechineseroom2013adventure Horror
Amnesia: The Dark DescentFrictional Games2010adventure Horror
Among the SleepKrillbite Studio2014adventure Horror
Ancient Domains Of Mysteryauthor2006adventure role-play Fantasy
And Yet It MovesBroken Rules2009platformer puzzle
Angband?2004role-play Fantasy
Angband?2004role-play Fantasy
Angels with Scaly WingsRadical Phi2017role-play
Angry Birds Star WarsRovio2012puzzle
AnkhDeck13 Interactive2005adventure
AnnaDreampainters2012adventure Horror
Anna's QuestDaedalic Entertainment2015adventure Fantasy
Anomaly 211 bit studios2013action/reflex strategy Science Fiction
Anomaly Defenders11 bit studios2014action/reflex strategy Science Fiction
Anomaly: Warzone Earth11 bit studios2011action/reflex strategy Science Fiction
Another Worldauthor;DotEmu2013platformer adventure Science Fiction
Ant-gravity: Tiny's AdventureSharkByte Studio2016platformer
Apeiron XAmbrosia Software?shooter
ApotheonAlientrap Games2015action/reflex platformer role-play Fantasy
AquariaBit Blot2008adventure Fantasy
AR-KGato Salvaje Studio2014adventure Humorous
ARK: Survival EvolvedStudio Wildcard2015action/reflex simulation Fantasy
ARK: Survival Of The FittestStudio Wildcard;Instinct Games;Efecto Studios2016action/reflex simulation Fantasy
ArmadoTricky Software2007
Armageddon EmpiresCryptic Comet2007strategy turn-based
Armagetronauthor2006action/reflex maze racing/driving strategy
ArmelloLeague of Geeks2015board game role-play turn-based Fantasy
ArmikrogPencil Test Studios2015adventure Science Fiction
AscendantHapa Games2014platformer
Assassin's Creed IIUbisoft Montreal2011action/reflex adventure Historical
Assassin's Creed: BrotherhoodUbisoft Montreal2011action/reflex adventure Historical
Assault Android CactusWitch Beam2015shooter
AssaultCubeRabid Viper Productions2007shooter
Asteroid FightKatta Games2015
Astro LordsAratog2015Science Fiction
AsuraOgre Head Studio2017action/reflex role-play
Atom Zombie SmasherBlendo Games2011strategy
Atomic Battle DragonsIsotope 2442006action/reflex
Atomic CannonIsotope 2442006strategy
Atomic Worm!tweeler2008action/reflex maze
AuditoriumCipher Prime Studios2010edutainment
Avadon 2: The CorruptionSpiderweb Software2013role-play Fantasy
Avadon 3: The WarbornSpiderweb Software2016role-play Fantasy
Avadon: The Black FortressSpiderweb Software2011role-play Fantasy
Avenger BirdTiliaSoft2017
AvernumSpiderweb Software2000role-play turn-based Fantasy
Avernum 2Spiderweb Software2001role-play turn-based Fantasy
Avernum 2: Crystal SoulsSpiderweb Software2015role-play turn-based Fantasy
Avernum 3Spiderweb Software2002role-play turn-based Fantasy
Avernum 4Spiderweb Software2005role-play turn-based Fantasy
Avernum 5Spiderweb Software2007role-play turn-based Fantasy
Avernum 6Spiderweb Software2009role-play turn-based Fantasy
Avernum: Escape from the PitSpiderweb Software2012role-play turn-based Fantasy