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issue 2

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gameplatformreview dateoriginal scorescore %  
ImpactAmiga OCS1987-1290/10090%
ImpactAtari ST1987-1291/10091%
Addicta BallAtari ST1987-1280/10080%
Smash OutZX Spectrum1987-1215/10015%
ArkanoidZX Spectrum1987-1271/10071%
ArkanoidCommodore 641987-1287/10087%
ArkanoidAmstrad CPC1987-1286/10086%
ArkanoidAtari ST1987-1289/10089%
KrakoutZX Spectrum1987-1242/10042%
KrakoutAmstrad CPC1987-1250/10050%
KrakoutCommodore 641987-1251/10051%
BattyZX Spectrum1987-1278/10078%
BattyAmstrad CPC1987-1275/10075%
Phantom ClubZX Spectrum1987-1278/10078%
Phantom ClubAmstrad CPC1987-1275/10075%
Buggy BoyCommodore 641987-1292/10092%
Basket MasterAmstrad CPC1987-1245/10045%
DrillerAmstrad CPC1987-1295/10095%
DrillerZX Spectrum1987-1294/10094%
Super Mario Bros.Nintendo Entertainment System1987-1289/10089%
Vampire KillerMSX 21987-1269/10069%
The Great EscapeMS-DOS1987-1260/10060%
Skull DiggeryAtari ST1987-1264/10064%
Red L.E.D.ZX Spectrum1987-1264/10064%
Red L.E.D.Amstrad CPC1987-1279/10079%
720°ZX Spectrum1987-1283/10083%
Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight TrainerMS-DOS1987-1289/10089%
Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight TrainerCommodore 641987-1278/10078%
Barbarian: The Ultimate WarriorAtari ST1987-1287/10087%
Bubble GhostAtari ST1987-1272/10072%
MASKCommodore 641987-1270/10070%
NebulusZX Spectrum1987-1287/10087%
NebulusCommodore 641987-1290/10090%
3D GalaxAtari ST1987-1253/10053%
Battle ShipsAtari ST1987-1265/10065%
Dark SceptreZX Spectrum1987-1290/10090%
MadballsCommodore 641987-1272/10072%
RanaramaAtari ST1987-1286/10086%
Freddy HardestCommodore 641987-1262/10062%
Freddy HardestAmstrad CPC1987-1269/10069%
AirballAtari ST1987-1285/10085%
AirballAtari ST1987-1275/10075%
Tau CetiMS-DOS1987-1287/10087%
Metal GearMSX 21987-1279/10079%
Jack the Nipper II: In Coconut CapersZX Spectrum1987-1281/10081%
Jack the Nipper II: In Coconut CapersAmstrad CPC1987-1274/10074%
Jack the Nipper II: In Coconut CapersCommodore 641987-1284/10084%
Mean StreakCommodore 641987-1271/10071%
Que-DexCommodore 641987-1286/10086%
BarbarianAmiga OCS1987-1287/10087%
BarbarianAtari ST1987-1280/10080%
Yogi BearCommodore 641987-1245/10045%
Yogi BearCommodore 641987-1270/10070%
ExcitebikeNintendo Entertainment System1987-1252/10052%
Passengers on the Wind 2: The Hour of the SnakeMS-DOS1987-1243/10043%
Passengers on the Wind 2Atari ST1987-1243/10043%
Passengers on the Wind 2Amstrad CPC1987-1243/10043%
Passengers on the Wind 2Commodore 641987-1243/10043%
DiabloAtari ST1987-1237/10037%
DiabloAmiga OCS1987-1237/10037%
ThunderCatsZX Spectrum1987-1290/10090%
ThunderCatsAmstrad CPC1987-1287/10087%
ThunderCatsCommodore 641987-1286/10086%
SapiensAtari ST1987-1264/10064%
Werewolves of LondonAmstrad CPC1987-1275/10075%
Indiana Jones and the Temple of DoomAtari ST1987-1256/10056%
Indiana Jones and the Temple of DoomZX Spectrum1987-1264/10064%
Indiana Jones and the Temple of DoomAmstrad CPC1987-1242/10042%
Indiana Jones and the Temple of DoomCommodore 641987-1232/10032%
Through the TrapdoorZX Spectrum1987-1282/10082%
Not a Penny More, Not a Penny LessZX Spectrum1987-1259/10059%
Not a Penny More, Not a Penny LessBBC Micro1987-1259/10059%
Not a Penny More, Not a Penny LessAtari ST1987-1259/10059%
Not a Penny More, Not a Penny LessAmstrad CPC1987-1259/10059%
Not a Penny More, Not a Penny LessCommodore 641987-1259/10059%
Gnome RangerCommodore 641987-1249/10049%
Gnome RangerAmstrad CPC1987-1249/10049%
Gnome RangerZX Spectrum1987-1249/10049%
Gnome RangerAtari ST1987-1249/10049%
Gnome RangerAmiga OCS1987-1249/10049%
Gnome RangerMSX1987-1249/10049%
Gnome RangerAtari 400/8001987-1249/10049%
Space Quest: The Sarien EncounterAmiga OCS1987-1274/10074%
Space Quest: The Sarien EncounterAtari ST1987-1274/10074%
Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of ItMS-DOS1987-1241/10041%
Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of ItAmiga OCS1987-1241/10041%
Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of ItAtari ST1987-1241/10041%
Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of ItCommodore 641987-1241/10041%
Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of ItAmstrad CPC1987-1241/10041%
Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of ItAtari 400/8001987-1241/10041%
The Lurking HorrorCommodore 641987-1285/10085%
The Lurking HorrorAmstrad CPC1987-1285/10085%
The Lurking HorrorAtari ST1987-1285/10085%
The Lurking HorrorAmiga OCS1987-1285/10085%
The Lurking HorrorAtari 400/8001987-1285/10085%
The Lurking HorrorMS-DOS1987-1285/10085%
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