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issue 25

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gameplatformreview dateoriginal scorescore %  
Tangled TalesCommodore 641989-1277/10077%
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic AdventureMS-DOS1989-1285/10085%
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic AdventureAtari ST1989-1285/10085%
Might and Magic II: Gates to Another WorldMS-DOS1989-1273/10073%
OmegaCommodore 641989-1289/10089%
Hoyle: Official Book of Games - Volume 1MS-DOS1989-1267/10067%
Romance of the Three KingdomsMS-DOS1989-1291/10091%
Emperor of the MinesAtari ST1989-1249/10049%
Daily Double Horse RacingAtari ST1989-1232/10032%
Rommel: Battles for North AfricaMS-DOS1989-1287/10087%
Maniac MansionMS-DOS1989-1276/10076%
Space RogueMS-DOS1989-1292/10092%
OnslaughtAtari ST1989-1295/10095%
North & SouthAmiga OCS1989-1292/10092%
Beach VolleyAmiga OCS1989-1284/10084%
APBAmiga OCS1989-1286/10086%
Chase H.Q.ZX Spectrum1989-1291/10091%
Tintin on the MoonAtari ST1989-1270/10070%
Tintin on the MoonAmiga OCS1989-1272/10072%
CabalZX Spectrum1989-1286/10086%
CabalCommodore 641989-1287/10087%
XenophobeZX Spectrum1989-1280/10080%
XenophobeAmstrad CPC1989-1272/10072%
XenophobeCommodore 641989-1274/10074%
XenophobeAmiga OCS1989-1276/10076%
Dynamite DuxAmstrad CPC1989-1284/10084%
ShinobiAtari ST1989-1248/10048%
InterphaseAtari ST1989-1290/10090%
InterphaseAmiga OCS1989-1290/10090%
The Jetsons: George Jetson and the Legend of RobotopiaAmiga OCS1989-1275/10075%
Battle Squadron: The Destruction of The Barrax EmpireAmiga OCS1989-1287/10087%
Altered BeastCommodore 641989-1264/10064%
Altered BeastAmiga OCS1989-1269/10069%
Altered BeastAtari ST1989-1270/10070%
DragonscapeAmiga OCS1989-1251/10051%
Ferrari Formula OneMS-DOS1989-1275/10075%
SlayerAmiga OCS1989-1242/10042%
Operation ThunderboltZX Spectrum1989-1291/10091%
Terry's Big AdventureCommodore 641989-1274/10074%
Terry's Big AdventureAtari ST1989-1278/10078%
Stunt Car RacerCommodore 641989-1291/10091%
Power DriftCommodore 641989-1292/10092%
Power DriftAmiga OCS1989-1290/10090%
Knight ForceMS-DOS1989-1277/10077%
Ikari WarriorsNintendo Entertainment System1989-1257/10057%
Dragon SpiritAtari ST1989-1265/10065%
Dogs of WarAmiga OCS1989-1283/10083%
Dogs of WarAtari ST1989-1283/10083%
StormlordAmiga OCS1989-1292/10092%
Tatakai no BankaNintendo Entertainment System1989-1248/10048%
Action FighterCommodore 641989-1254/10054%
Action FighterAtari ST1989-1256/10056%
Fast Lane!: The Spice Engineering ChallengeAtari ST1989-1235/10035%
Gun.SmokeNintendo Entertainment System1989-1273/10073%
Iron TrackersAmiga OCS1989-1251/10051%
Iron TrackersAtari ST1989-1249/10049%
Pictionary: The Game of Quick DrawAmiga OCS1989-1280/10080%
Pictionary: The Game of Quick DrawAtari ST1989-1280/10080%
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