Reviews on ACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)

issue 28

average score
gameplatformreview dateoriginal scorescore %  
Their Finest Hour: The Battle of BritainMS-DOS1990-01933/100093%
Hard Drivin'Atari ST1990-01937/100093%
Hard Drivin'ZX Spectrum1990-01921/100092%
Bruce Lee Lives: The Fall of Hong Kong PalaceMS-DOS1990-01768/100076%
Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's TrapMaster System1990-01675/100067%
GhostbustersMaster System1990-01725/100072%
SwitchbladeAmiga OCS1990-01805/100080%
OnslaughtAtari ST1990-01850/100085%
Future Wars: Time TravellersAmiga OCS1990-01910/100091%
Battle Squadron: The Destruction of The Barrax EmpireAmiga OCS1990-01867/100086%
Leisure Suit Larry 3: Passionate Patty in Pursuit of the Pulsating Pectorals!MS-DOS1990-01890/100089%
Myth: History in the MakingCommodore 641990-01925/100092%
Myth: History in the MakingZX Spectrum1990-01900/100090%
Turbo OutRunAmiga OCS1990-01601/100060%
Turbo OutRunAtari ST1990-01601/100060%
Ghouls 'n GhostsAtari ST1990-01905/100090%
Moonwalker: The Computer GameAtari ST1990-01650/100065%
Toobin'Amiga OCS1990-01880/100088%
Dragon SpiritZX Spectrum1990-01795/100079%
Dragon SpiritAtari ST1990-01795/100079%
Roller Coaster RumblerAmiga OCS1990-01463/100046%
Twinworld: Land of VisionAtari ST1990-01794/100079%
BushidoCommodore 641990-01789/100078%
Rally Cross ChallengeAmiga OCS1990-01657/100065%
It Came from the DesertAmiga OCS1990-01895/100089%
Ghostbusters IIAtari ST1990-01251/100025%
Ghostbusters IIAmiga OCS1990-01251/100025%
Galaxy Force IIAtari ST1990-01395/100039%
QuartzAmiga OCS1990-01905/100090%
QuartzAtari ST1990-01905/100090%
DrakkhenAtari ST1990-01820/100082%
The Cycles: International Grand Prix RacingMS-DOS1990-01773/100077%
SnareCommodore 641990-01825/100082%
Clown-O-ManiaAmiga OCS1990-01805/100080%
Keef the Thief: A Boy and his LockpickAmiga OCS1990-01850/100085%
Pictionary: The Game of Quick DrawAtari ST1990-01750/100075%
Pictionary: The Game of Quick DrawZX Spectrum1990-01550/100055%
Pictionary: The Game of Quick DrawAmstrad CPC1990-01600/100060%
Fiendish Freddy's Big Top O' FunAtari ST1990-01725/100072%
Continental CircusAtari ST1990-01850/100085%
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