Reviews on Amstrad Action

issue 59

average score
gameplatformreview dateoriginal scorescore %  
Fighter BomberAmstrad CPC1990-0889/10089%
Escape from the Planet of the Robot MonstersAmstrad CPC1990-0878/10078%
Dynasty WarsAmstrad CPC1990-0872/10072%
Stunt Car RacerAmstrad CPC1990-0896/10096%
Shadow WarriorsAmstrad CPC1990-0868/10068%
Kenny Dalglish Soccer MatchAmstrad CPC1990-0833/10033%
Lords of ChaosAmstrad CPC1990-0884/10084%
Rad Ramp RacerAmstrad CPC1990-0858/10058%
Super TruxAmstrad CPC1990-0863/10063%
Deliverance: Stormlord IIAmstrad CPC1990-0889/10089%
International 3D TennisAmstrad CPC1990-0881/10081%
The TestAmstrad CPC1990-0886/10086%