Reviews on Joypad 73-222

issue 98

average score
gameplatformreview dateoriginal scorescore %  
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's MaskNintendo 642000-069/1090%
EvergracePlayStation 22000-066/1060%
Gradius III and IVPlayStation 22000-063/1030%
Power Stone 2Dreamcast2000-067/1070%
Primal ImagePlayStation 22000-063/1030%
Sky SurferPlayStation 22000-061/1010%
Samba de AmigoDreamcast2000-069/1090%
Breath of Fire IVPlayStation2000-066/1060%
DaikatanaNintendo 642000-067/1070%
Kirby 64: The Crystal ShardsNintendo 642000-066/1060%
Star Wars: Episode I RacerDreamcast2000-065/1050%
Vagrant StoryPlayStation2000-069/1090%
Colin McRae Rally 2.0PlayStation2000-069/1090%
Resident Evil CODE: VeronicaDreamcast2000-069/1090%
Ecco the DolphinDreamcast2000-068/1080%
Legend of LegaiaPlayStation2000-067/1070%
Alundra 2PlayStation2000-067/1070%
Ronaldo V-FootballPlayStation2000-066/1060%
Test Drive V-RallyDreamcast2000-068/1080%
Need for Speed: Porsche UnleashedPlayStation2000-065/1050%
Yannick Noah 2000PlayStation2000-067/1070%
International Track and Field 2000Nintendo 642000-068/1080%
Street Fighter EX2 PlusPlayStation2000-066/1060%
Draconus: Cult of the WyrmDreamcast2000-065/1050%
UEFA Euro 2000PlayStation2000-065/1050%
Grudge WarriorsPlayStation2000-063/1030%
NBA In The Zone 2000Nintendo 642000-064/1040%
Star Wars: Jedi Power BattlesPlayStation2000-063/1030%
Vegas Games 2000PlayStation2000-063/1030%
Muppet Race ManiaPlayStation2000-066/1060%
N-Gen RacingPlayStation2000-065/1050%
NHL 2KDreamcast2000-066/1060%
Rescue Shot BubiboPlayStation2000-067/1070%
Star Ocean: The Second StoryPlayStation2000-067/1070%
Street Sk8er 2PlayStation2000-065/1050%
Taz ExpressNintendo 642000-067/1070%
Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine ReturnPlayStation2000-066/1060%
Premier Manager 2000PlayStation2000-066/1060%
Barbie Super SportsPlayStation2000-064/1040%
Cross Country RacingGame Boy Color2000-066/1060%
Army MenGame Boy Color2000-066/1060%
F1 World Grand Prix 2Game Boy Color2000-068/1080%
Azure DreamsGame Boy Color2000-066/1060%
Konami GB Collection Vol. 3Game Boy Color2000-068/1080%
Astérix: Search for DogmatixGame Boy Color2000-066/1060%
Ronaldo V.FootballGame Boy Color2000-064/1040%
Metal Gear SolidGame Boy Color2000-069/1090%
Wario Land 3Game Boy Color2000-068/1080%
Pokémon Yellow Version: Special Pikachu EditionGame Boy Color2000-069/1090%
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