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issue 119

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gameplatformreview dateoriginal scorescore %  
Jak and Daxter: The Precursor LegacyPlayStation 22001-1296/10096%
International Superstar SoccerGame Boy Advance2001-1285/10085%
BurnoutPlayStation 22001-1293/10093%
Super Street Fighter II Turbo RevivalGame Boy Advance2001-1292/10092%
Spy HunterPlayStation 22001-1283/10083%
Devil May CryPlayStation 22001-1295/10095%
Virtua Tennis 2Dreamcast2001-1296/10096%
WRC: World Rally ChampionshipPlayStation 22001-1288/10088%
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3PlayStation2001-1270/10070%
Pokémon Crystal VersionGame Boy Color2001-1290/10090%
Grand Theft Auto IIIPlayStation 22001-1295/10095%
HSX HyperSonic.XtremePlayStation 22001-1279/10079%
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2PlayStation 22001-1287/10087%
Jackie Chan Adventures - Legend Of The DarkhandGame Boy Advance2001-1285/10085%
Syphon Filter 3PlayStation2001-1284/10084%
Batman: VengeancePlayStation 22001-1288/10088%
Mario Party 3Nintendo 642001-1292/10092%
James Bond 007: Agent Under FirePlayStation 22001-1290/10090%
DoomGame Boy Advance2001-1290/10090%
Baldur's Gate: Dark AlliancePlayStation 22001-1291/10091%
NBA Live 2002PlayStation2001-1280/10080%
NBA Live 2002PlayStation 22001-1280/10080%
WinBackPlayStation 22001-1260/10060%
Star Wars: Rogue Leader - Rogue Squadron IIGameCube2001-1297/10097%
Disney's Tarzan: UntamedPlayStation 22001-1282/10082%
MX RiderPlayStation 22001-1283/10083%
ESPN X Games SkateboardingPlayStation 22001-1275/10075%
Wario Land 4Game Boy Advance2001-1289/10089%
SSX TrickyPlayStation 22001-1292/10092%
18 Wheeler: American Pro TruckerPlayStation 22001-1288/10088%
D.N.A.: Dark Native ApostlePlayStation 22001-1284/10084%
Total Soccer AdvanceGame Boy Advance2001-1280/10080%
Gunfighter: The Legend of Jesse JamesPlayStation2001-1280/10080%
BASS StrikePlayStation 22001-1240/10040%
Sunny Garcia SurfingPlayStation 22001-1278/10078%
Chu Chu Rocket!Game Boy Advance2001-1290/10090%
Kao The KangarooGame Boy Advance2001-1275/10075%
Disney's Donald Duck '[email protected]'!*#Game Boy Advance2001-1285/10085%
Prehistorik ManGame Boy Advance2001-1284/10084%
Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millenium 2001PlayStation 22001-1292/10092%
Supercar Street ChallengePlayStation 22001-1270/10070%
One Piece MansionPlayStation2001-1280/10080%
World Championship Snooker 2002PlayStation 22001-1278/10078%
Inspector Gadget: Advance MissionGame Boy Advance2001-1276/10076%
Super Bust-a-MoveGame Boy Advance2001-1290/10090%
Worms World PartyPlayStation2001-1285/10085%
Victorious Boxers: Ippo's Road to GloryPlayStation 22001-1276/10076%