Reviews on Aktueller Software Markt (ASM)

issue 49

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gameplatformreview dateoriginal scorescore %  
The Secret of Monkey IslandAmiga OCS1991-0211/1291%
The Secret of Monkey IslandMS-DOS1991-0211/1291%
PowerMongerAmiga OCS1991-0210/1283%
PowerMongerAtari ST1991-0210/1283%
King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder!MS-DOS1991-0210/1283%
The Ultimate RideAtari ST1991-023/1225%
The Ultimate RideAmiga OCS1991-024/1233%
Projekt PrometheusAmiga OCS1991-0210/1283%
Chase H.Q. II: Special Criminal InvestigationAmiga OCS1991-028/1266%
Chase H.Q. II: Special Criminal InvestigationAtari ST1991-028/1266%
GeishaAtari ST1991-026/1250%
GeishaAmiga OCS1991-026/1250%
Wrath of the DemonAmiga OCS1991-029/1275%
Battletech: The Crescent Hawks' RevengeMS-DOS1991-027/1258%
Stunt DriverMS-DOS1991-0210/1283%
World Championship SoccerAmiga OCS1991-0210/1283%
Buck Rogers: Countdown to DoomsdayAmiga OCS1991-0210/1283%
Buck Rogers: Countdown to DoomsdayCommodore 641991-0210/1283%
Buck Rogers: Countdown to DoomsdayMS-DOS1991-0210/1283%
Blue Max: Aces of the Great WarMS-DOS1991-0210/1283%
The Fool's ErrandAmiga OCS1991-029/1275%
The Fool's ErrandMS-DOS1991-029/1275%
The Fool's ErrandAtari ST1991-029/1275%
AwesomeAmiga OCS1991-028/1266%
Renegade Legion: InterceptorMS-DOS1991-026/1250%
Tower FraAmiga OCS1991-027/1258%
Back to the Golden AgeAtari ST1991-029/1275%
Night ShiftMS-DOS1991-028/1266%
The Final ConflictAtari ST1991-026/1250%
Second Front: Germany Turns EastAmiga OCS1991-026/1250%
Krieg um die Krone II: Die Erben des ThronsCommodore 641991-027/1258%
Golden AxeAmiga OCS1991-025/1241%
Golden AxeCommodore 641991-026/1250%
Cougar ForceAtari ST1991-0210/1283%
Cougar ForceMS-DOS1991-0210/1283%
Vector Championship RunAmiga OCS1991-028/1266%
Vector Championship RunAtari ST1991-028/1266%
Oil's WellMS-DOS1991-029/1275%
Knights of the SkyMS-DOS1991-026/1250%
MysticalAmiga OCS1991-028/1266%
Star ControlAmiga OCS1991-025/1241%
KamikazeCommodore 641991-0210/1283%
Ranx: The VideogameAmiga OCS1991-027/1258%
Ranx: The VideogameAtari ST1991-027/1258%
Ranx: The VideogameMS-DOS1991-026/1250%
Final CommandAtari ST1991-024/1233%
Final CommandAmiga OCS1991-024/1233%
CarthageAmiga OCS1991-025/1241%
Dragon BreedAmiga OCS1991-028/1266%
Eagle's RiderAmiga OCS1991-028/1266%
Teenage Mutant Hero TurtlesAmiga OCS1991-026/1250%
Teenage Mutant Hero TurtlesAtari ST1991-026/1250%
Dick TracyAmiga OCS1991-026/1250%
The Amazing Spider-ManAmiga OCS1991-027/1258%
The Amazing Spider-ManCommodore 641991-026/1250%
QuadrelAmiga OCS1991-029/1275%
S.T.U.N. RunnerAmiga OCS1991-024/1233%
XiphosAtari ST1991-023/1225%
PangAtari ST1991-0210/1283%
Helter SkelterMS-DOS1991-029/1275%
LettrixAtari ST1991-029/1275%
Cyberball: Football in the 21st CenturyCommodore 641991-025/1241%
BadlandsCommodore 641991-025/1241%
Snow StrikeMS-DOS1991-025/1241%
Snow StrikeCommodore 641991-023/1225%
International Soccer ChallengeAmiga OCS1991-025/1241%
International Soccer ChallengeMS-DOS1991-025/1241%
PuzznicCommodore 641991-0210/1283%
PuzznicAtari ST1991-0210/1283%
Team YankeeMS-DOS1991-028/1266%
Hong Kong Phooey: No.1 Super GuyAmiga OCS1991-026/1250%
Hong Kong Phooey: No.1 Super GuyAtari ST1991-026/1250%
Clive Barker's Nightbreed: The Action GameMS-DOS1991-028/1266%
It Came from the DesertMS-DOS1991-022/1216%
James Pond: Underwater AgentAtari ST1991-0210/1283%
Dragon WarsAmiga OCS1991-029/1275%
LoopzAmiga OCS1991-0210/1283%
Toyota Celica GT RallyAtari ST1991-027/1258%
CorporationAtari ST1991-027/1258%
Conquests of Camelot: The Search for the GrailAtari ST1991-0210/1283%
The Colonel's BequestAtari ST1991-029/1275%
ExterminatorAmiga OCS1991-0210/1283%
ExterminatorAtari ST1991-0210/1283%
Battle CommandAtari ST1991-0210/1283%
Super Mario WorldSuper Nintendo1991-0210/1283%
Aero BlastersPC Engine1991-0210/1283%
Valis IIIPC Engine CD1991-028/1266%
Battle SquadronMega Drive1991-029/1275%
John Madden FootballMega Drive1991-0210/1283%
F-ZeroSuper Nintendo1991-0210/1283%
Shadow Dancer: The Secret of ShinobiMega Drive1991-0210/1283%
LegionPC Engine CD1991-023/1225%
World Cup Italia '90Master System1991-027/1258%
Radar MissionGame Boy1991-029/1275%
The Dark Heart of UukrulMS-DOS1991-0210/1283%
Stellar 7MS-DOS1991-0210/1283%
CarVupAmiga OCS1991-027/1258%
I Play 3D SoccerAmiga OCS1991-026/1250%
Terran EnvoyMS-DOS1991-024/1233%
Terran EnvoyAmiga OCS1991-024/1233%
Tournament GolfAtari ST1991-028/1266%
ProFlightAtari ST1991-027/1258%
Wing CommanderMS-DOS1991-0210/1283%
ESWAT: Cyber PoliceAmiga OCS1991-023/1225%
ESWAT: Cyber PoliceAtari ST1991-023/1225%
ESWAT: Cyber PoliceCommodore 641991-023/1225%
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