Reviews on Joystick

issue 15

average score
gameplatformreview dateoriginal scorescore %  
Sunsoft Grand PrixGame Boy1991-0475/10075%
JunctionGame Gear1991-0470/10070%
Pac-ManGame Gear1991-0470/10070%
Final Match TennisPC Engine1991-0494/10094%
Twin Cobra: Desert Attack HelicopterMega Drive1991-0478/10078%
Parasol Stars: The Story of Bubble Bobble IIIPC Engine1991-0492/10092%
Dick TracyMega Drive1991-0493/10093%
Panza Kick BoxingAmstrad CPC1991-0486/10086%
Aero BlastersMega Drive1991-0480/10080%
GauntletMaster System1991-0479/10079%
Side PocketGame Boy1991-0473/10073%
DuckTalesGame Boy1991-0485/10085%
The ChessmasterGame Boy1991-0498/10098%
In Your FaceGame Boy1991-0479/10079%
HAL's Hole in One GolfSuper Nintendo1991-0466/10066%
Double DragonNintendo Entertainment System1991-0475/10075%
PaperboyMaster System1991-0475/10075%
James Pond: Underwater AgentMega Drive1991-0475/10075%
Psychic WorldGame Gear1991-0483/10083%
Ghost PilotsNeo-Geo1991-0472/10072%
ContraNintendo Entertainment System1991-0492/10092%
Puzzle BoyPC Engine1991-0470/10070%
Hostages: The Embassy MissionNintendo Entertainment System1991-0474/10074%
Impossible MissionMaster System1991-0480/10080%
Super Off RoadNintendo Entertainment System1991-0483/10083%
Pop BreakerGame Gear1991-0468/10068%
Aldynes: The Mission Code for Rage CrisisNEC Supergraphx1991-0490/10090%
Radar MissionGame Boy1991-0476/10076%
Dead Moon: Tsuki Sekai no AkumuPC Engine1991-0486/10086%
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Action GameMaster System1991-0488/10088%
Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and the Time RippersMS-DOS1991-0493/10093%
Insects in SpaceAmiga OCS1991-0478/10078%
Final OrbitMS-DOS1991-0467/10067%
Midwinter II: Flames of FreedomAtari ST1991-0496/10096%
PGA Tour GolfAmiga OCS1991-0480/10080%
Wrath of the DemonAtari ST1991-0488/10088%
Merchant ColonyAtari ST1991-0489/10089%
UMS II: Nations at WarAtari ST1991-0468/10068%
UMS II: Nations at WarMS-DOS1991-0463/10063%
CastlevaniaAmiga OCS1991-0481/10081%
GodsAtari ST1991-0495/10095%
Alien Drug Lords: The Chyropian ConnectionAmiga OCS1991-0470/10070%
Multi Player Soccer ManagerAmiga OCS1991-0463/10063%
OutboardAmstrad CPC1991-0467/10067%
Super Cars IIAmiga OCS1991-0490/10090%
BetrayalAmiga OCS1991-0470/10070%
Helter SkelterAmstrad CPC1991-0467/10067%
WarlordsAmiga OCS1991-0484/10084%
Super Monaco GPAmstrad CPC1991-0471/10071%
Super Monaco GPAmiga OCS1991-0490/10090%
The PowerAmiga OCS1991-0482/10082%
MoonfallAtari ST1991-0478/10078%
Eye of the BeholderMS-DOS1991-0490/10090%
Horror Zombies from the CryptAtari ST1991-0490/10090%
Billiards Simulator IIAtari ST1991-0490/10090%
Ski or DieAmiga OCS1991-0478/10078%
International Ice HockeyAtari ST1991-0480/10080%
Metal MutantAtari ST1991-0477/10077%
SwapAmstrad CPC1991-0484/10084%
GoAmiga OCS1991-0490/10090%
FugitifAmstrad CPC1991-0490/10090%
Chuck RockAmiga OCS1991-0492/10092%
BratAmiga OCS1991-0494/10094%
Back to the Future Part IIIAmiga OCS1991-0479/10079%
Swords & GalleonsAmiga OCS1991-0471/10071%
The Killing CloudAtari ST1991-0492/10092%
Gem'XAmiga OCS1991-0485/10085%
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