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issue 18

average score
gameplatformreview dateoriginal scorescore %  
Heart of ChinaMS-DOS1991-0794/10094%
F-14 TomcatMS-DOS1991-0768/10068%
Sonic the HedgehogMega Drive1991-0798/10098%
World Ice HockeyGame Boy1991-0769/10069%
R-TypeGame Boy1991-0790/10090%
Lakers versus Celtics and the NBA PlayoffsMega Drive1991-0793/10093%
Solomon'S ClubGame Boy1991-0790/10090%
WWF SuperstarsGame Boy1991-0776/10076%
MappyGame Gear1991-0760/10060%
Batter UpGame Gear1991-0776/10076%
Bonanza Bros.Mega Drive1991-0776/10076%
Dr. MarioNintendo Entertainment System1991-0797/10097%
Fire MustangMega Drive1991-0768/10068%
HatrisPC Engine1991-0740/10040%
The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 2Game Boy1991-0780/10080%
Star Control: Famous Battles of the Ur-Quan ConflictMega Drive1991-0775/10075%
Zero WingMega Drive1991-0786/10086%
FlickyMega Drive1991-0762/10062%
Fastest LapGame Boy1991-0784/10084%
Solitaire PokerGame Gear1991-0784/10084%
Space Invaders 90Mega Drive1991-0780/10080%
The Hunt for Red OctoberGame Boy1991-0778/10078%
Might and Magic: Gates to Another WorldMega Drive1991-0774/10074%
Burai FighterNintendo Entertainment System1991-0788/10088%
Buster Bros.PC Engine CD1991-0792/10092%
PopulousMaster System1991-0794/10094%
The Pro Yakyuu '91Game Gear1991-0788/10088%
Chase H.Q.Game Gear1991-0783/10083%
David Crane's The Rescue of Princess Blobette Starring A Boy and his BlobGame Boy1991-0788/10088%
Bimini RunMega Drive1991-0777/10077%
FreneticAmiga OCS1991-0782/10082%
England Championship SpecialAmiga OCS1991-0773/10073%
Monster BusinessAtari ST1991-0776/10076%
Halls of Montezuma: A Battle History of the United States Marine CorpsAmiga OCS1991-0760/10060%
Life & DeathAmiga OCS1991-0790/10090%
F-15 Strike Eagle IIAmiga OCS1991-0790/10090%
The Ball GameAmiga OCS1991-0789/10089%
The Ball GameAtari ST1991-0789/10089%
Dino WarsAmiga OCS1991-0755/10055%
WreckersAmiga OCS1991-0795/10095%
R.B.I. Baseball 2Atari ST1991-0774/10074%
HunterAtari ST1991-0794/10094%
HunterAmiga OCS1991-0795/10095%
Chaos in Andromeda: Eyes of the EagleAmiga OCS1991-0790/10090%
The Famous Five: Five on a Treasure IslandAmiga OCS1991-0788/10088%
Deuteros: The Next MillenniumAmiga OCS1991-0796/10096%
Snow Bros.Amiga OCS1991-0792/10092%
BoolyAmstrad CPC1991-0773/10073%
BoolyAmiga OCS1991-0778/10078%
Chuck Yeager's Air CombatMS-DOS1991-0793/10093%
Ultima: Worlds of Adventure 2: Martian DreamsMS-DOS1991-0791/10091%
Renegade Legion: InterceptorAmiga OCS1991-0780/10080%
Manchester United EuropeAmiga OCS1991-0782/10082%
DarkmanAtari ST1991-0779/10079%
Beast BustersAmiga OCS1991-0783/10083%
HydraAmstrad CPC1991-0760/10060%
SwitchbladeAmstrad CPC1991-0788/10088%
MercsAmiga OCS1991-0782/10082%
MercsAtari ST1991-0763/10063%
The Keys to MaramonMS-DOS1991-0775/10075%
Armor AlleyMS-DOS1991-0797/10097%
Afrika KorpsAmiga OCS1991-0775/10075%
Mario Andretti's Racing ChallengeMS-DOS1991-0790/10090%
StormballAtari ST1991-0786/10086%
StormballAmiga OCS1991-0786/10086%
LogicalAmiga OCS1991-0792/10092%
The Colonel's BequestAtari ST1991-0790/10090%
Moonbase - A Lunar Colony SimulatorAmiga OCS1991-0789/10089%
The Secret of Monkey IslandAmiga OCS1991-0790/10090%
Les Manley in: Search for the KingAmiga OCS1991-0787/10087%
Golden AxeMS-DOS1991-0790/10090%
Eye of the BeholderAmiga OCS1991-0790/10090%
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