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issue 19

average score
gameplatformreview dateoriginal scorescore %  
Manchester United in EuropeAmstrad CPC1991-0978/10078%
Captain Planet and the PlaneteersAmiga OCS1991-0975/10075%
Bonk 2: Bonk's RevengePC Engine1991-0997/10097%
Streets of RageMega Drive1991-0996/10096%
Captain SkyHawkNintendo Entertainment System1991-0982/10082%
Alien StormMega Drive1991-0984/10084%
The Legend of the Mystical NinjaSuper Nintendo1991-0992/10092%
King's Bounty: The Conqueror's QuestMega Drive1991-0985/10085%
SkweekPC Engine1991-0983/10083%
WarbirdsAtari Lynx1991-0986/10086%
Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship GolfNintendo Entertainment System1991-0976/10076%
SprigganPC Engine CD1991-0995/10095%
David Crane's A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on BloboloniaNintendo Entertainment System1991-0986/10086%
Vapor TrailMega Drive1991-0971/10071%
Ace of AcesMaster System1991-0963/10063%
Fastest OneMega Drive1991-0988/10088%
GriffinGame Gear1991-0963/10063%
SpeedballMaster System1991-0988/10088%
Super R-TypeSuper Nintendo1991-0985/10085%
Solstice: The Quest for the Staff of DemnosNintendo Entertainment System1991-0992/10092%
Power ElevenPC Engine1991-0976/10076%
Marvel LandMega Drive1991-0987/10087%
Saint SwordMega Drive1991-0980/10080%
Tricky KickPC Engine1991-0967/10067%
Fantasy Zone GearGame Gear1991-0968/10068%
Final SoldierPC Engine1991-0991/10091%
Racing SpiritsPC Engine1991-0982/10082%
Street SmartMega Drive1991-0973/10073%
F1 Circus '91 - World ChampionshipPC Engine1991-0985/10085%
Football InternationalGame Boy1991-0971/10071%
Choplifter IIGame Boy1991-0974/10074%
Summer GamesMaster System1991-0968/10068%
The Punisher - The Ultimate PaybackGame Boy1991-0964/10064%
Skate or Die: Tour de ThrashGame Boy1991-0963/10063%
StormlordMega Drive1991-0982/10082%
Arcus OdysseyMega Drive1991-0987/10087%
Forgotten WorldsMaster System1991-0978/10078%
Centurion: Defender of RomeMega Drive1991-0990/10090%
Spider-ManMega Drive1991-0986/10086%
Spider-ManMaster System1991-0992/10092%
TurricanMega Drive1991-0981/10081%
PopilsGame Gear1991-0983/10083%
Factory PanicGame Gear1991-0966/10066%
HardBall!Mega Drive1991-0992/10092%
Mega Man: Dr. Wily's RevengeGame Boy1991-0988/10088%
The Adventures of Star SaverGame Boy1991-0958/10058%
M-1 Abrams Battle TankMega Drive1991-0977/10077%
BurgerTime DeluxeGame Boy1991-0970/10070%
CastelianGame Boy1991-0984/10084%
Mike Ditka Power FootballMega Drive1991-0986/10086%
Wagyan LandGame Gear1991-0980/10080%
EA HockeyMega Drive1991-0995/10095%
Bomber BoyGame Boy1991-0983/10083%
Battle Unit ZeothGame Boy1991-0956/10056%
Magical Tarurūto-kunGame Gear1991-0969/10069%
Rayxanber IIPC Engine CD1991-0972/10072%
FantasiaMega Drive1991-0985/10085%
Metal StokerPC Engine1991-0969/10069%
Faery Tale AdventureMega Drive1991-0975/10075%
Castlevania II: Belmont's RevengeGame Boy1991-0995/10095%
Halley WarsGame Gear1991-0982/10082%
Wrestle WarMega Drive1991-0981/10081%
Warrior of RomeMega Drive1991-0965/10065%
StarflightMega Drive1991-0991/10091%
Block OutMega Drive1991-0985/10085%
Xenon 2: MegablastMaster System1991-0986/10086%
Bo Jackson's Hit and Run! Baseball and FootballGame Boy1991-0975/10075%
Mickey's Dangerous ChaseGame Boy1991-0986/10086%
Al Unser Jr.'s Turbo RacingNintendo Entertainment System1991-0986/10086%
Raiden TradMega Drive1991-0970/10070%
Super Spike V'BallNintendo Entertainment System1991-0986/10086%
Cruise For a CorpseAmiga OCS1991-0994/10094%
Death Knights of KrynnAmiga OCS1991-0990/10090%
The ExecutionerAmiga OCS1991-0980/10080%
Spellcasting 101: Sorcerers get all the GirlsMS-DOS1991-0993/10093%
CreepyAtari ST1991-0939/10039%
Microprose GolfAtari ST1991-0990/10090%
Infernal HouseAmstrad CPC1991-0973/10073%
Gateway to the Savage FrontierMS-DOS1991-0988/10088%
Magic PocketsAmiga OCS1991-0996/10096%
Utopia: The Creation of a NationAmiga OCS1991-0992/10092%
Turrican II: The Final FightAmstrad CPC1991-0984/10084%
International Championship AthleticsAtari ST1991-0953/10053%
HeroQuestAmstrad CPC1991-0992/10092%
F-117A Nighthawk Stealth Fighter 2.0MS-DOS1991-0989/10089%
Nobunaga's AmbitionMS-DOS1991-0975/10075%
ElfAtari ST1991-0991/10091%
Sands of FireMS-DOS1991-0989/10089%
Mega-lo-ManiaAmiga OCS1991-0994/10094%
SarakonAmiga OCS1991-0988/10088%
SarakonAtari ST1991-0988/10088%
Terminator 2: Judgment DayAmiga OCS1991-0990/10090%
California Games IIMS-DOS1991-0990/10090%
Gunship 2000MS-DOS1991-0994/10094%
The Adventures of Robin HoodMS-DOS1991-0992/10092%
Shadow SorcererMS-DOS1991-0995/10095%
Rod·LandAmiga OCS1991-0993/10093%
Wild WheelsAmiga OCS1991-0967/10067%
Charge of the Light BrigadeAmiga OCS1991-0989/10089%
Charge of the Light BrigadeAtari ST1991-0988/10088%
DarkmanAmstrad CPC1991-0985/10085%
Bill & Ted's Excellent AdventureMS-DOS1991-0990/10090%
Bill Elliot's Nascar ChallengeMS-DOS1991-0995/10095%
The Cardinal of the KremlinAmiga OCS1991-0990/10090%
The Cardinal of the KremlinMS-DOS1991-0990/10090%
Le Trésor d'Ali GatorAmstrad CPC1991-0933/10033%
Blade WarriorAmiga OCS1991-0985/10085%
ArmalyteAmiga OCS1991-0986/10086%
ThunderHawkAmiga OCS1991-0994/10094%
The Ball GameMS-DOS1991-0989/10089%
Tom and the GhostMS-DOS1991-0986/10086%
WreckersAtari ST1991-0992/10092%
Switchblade IIAtari ST1991-0988/10088%
LogicalAtari ST1991-0991/10091%
Battle Chess II: Chinese ChessAmiga OCS1991-0990/10090%
Silent Service IIAmiga OCS1991-0990/10090%
Railroad TycoonAtari ST1991-0989/10089%
F-15 Strike Eagle IIAmiga OCS1991-0990/10090%
Flight of the IntruderAtari ST1991-0989/10089%
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