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issue 30

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gameplatformreview dateoriginal scorescore %  
King of the Monsters 2: The Next ThingNeo-Geo1992-0970/10070%
NBA All-Star Challenge 2Game Boy1992-0987/10087%
Soldier BladePC Engine1992-0990/10090%
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in TimeSuper Nintendo1992-0990/10090%
Adventures in the Magic KingdomNintendo Entertainment System1992-0984/10084%
Mega Man 3Nintendo Entertainment System1992-0993/10093%
The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space MutantsMega Drive1992-0966/10066%
Arch RivalsMega Drive1992-0970/10070%
Marble MadnessGame Gear1992-0989/10089%
Splatterhouse Part 2Mega Drive1992-0982/10082%
The TerminatorMega Drive1992-0986/10086%
The Addams FamilySuper Nintendo1992-0993/10093%
Card Master: The Seal of RimsaliaSuper Nintendo1992-0967/10067%
NES Open Tournament GolfNintendo Entertainment System1992-0985/10085%
Thunder Force IVMega Drive1992-0997/10097%
The FlintstonesNintendo Entertainment System1992-0969/10069%
Garry Kitchen's Super Battletank: War in the GulfSuper Nintendo1992-0980/10080%
Krusty's Super Fun HouseMega Drive1992-0990/10090%
Krusty's Super Fun HouseSuper Nintendo1992-0990/10090%
Grand Slam TennisMega Drive1992-0978/10078%
Back to the Future Part IIIMaster System1992-0963/10063%
Twinkle TaleMega Drive1992-0979/10079%
Advanced Busterhawk GleylancerMega Drive1992-0989/10089%
HookSuper Nintendo1992-0981/10081%
Jordan VS Bird: One on OneGame Boy1992-0971/10071%
Prince of PersiaSuper Nintendo1992-0995/10095%
Missile CommandGame Boy1992-0990/10090%
AsteroidsGame Boy1992-0988/10088%
Evander Holyfield's 'Real Deal' BoxingMega Drive1992-0970/10070%
Tom and Jerry: The MovieMaster System1992-0980/10080%
Super Space InvadersMaster System1992-0954/10054%
Boxxle 2Game Boy1992-0988/10088%
Robocop 2Nintendo Entertainment System1992-0981/10081%
Track MeetGame Boy1992-0989/10089%
Wave RaceGame Boy1992-0984/10084%
The Kick BoxingPC Engine CD1992-0984/10084%
Jeep JamboreeGame Boy1992-0987/10087%
Dino CitySuper Nintendo1992-0981/10081%
Aguri Suzuki F-1 Super DrivingSuper Nintendo1992-0990/10090%
Aerial AssaultGame Gear1992-0945/10045%
Prophecy - The Viking ChildGame Boy1992-0975/10075%
CameltrySuper Nintendo1992-0975/10075%
Super BowlingSuper Nintendo1992-0970/10070%
PGA Tour GolfSuper Nintendo1992-0969/10069%
Prince of PersiaMaster System1992-0991/10091%
Parodius da! Shinwa kara Owarai heSuper Nintendo1992-0994/10094%
New Adventure IslandPC Engine1992-0978/10078%
Warriors of the Eternal SunMega Drive1992-0975/10075%
Chuck RockMega Drive1992-0992/10092%
Lord of The Rings: vol.II: The Two TowersMS-DOS1992-0991/10091%
Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the KilrathiMS-DOS1992-0990/10090%
B-17 Flying FortressMS-DOS1992-0986/10086%
Laura Bow 2: The Dagger of Amon RaMS-DOS1992-0994/10094%
Links 386 ProMS-DOS1992-0994/10094%
Hong Kong Mahjong ProMS-DOS1992-0990/10090%
Dick Tracy: The Crime-Solving AdventureMS-DOS1992-0986/10086%
PGA Tour Golf for WindowsWindows 3.11992-0985/10085%
Do 335 Pfeil: Tour of DutyMS-DOS1992-0969/10069%
UMS II: Nations at WarMS-DOS1992-0955/10055%
Leather Goddesses of Phobos 2MS-DOS1992-0994/10094%
The BrainiesAmiga OCS1992-0983/10083%
SimCityWindows 3.11992-0975/10075%
PremiereAmiga OCS1992-0985/10085%
Dojo DanAmiga OCS1992-0972/10072%
Guy SpyMS-DOS1992-0958/10058%
ErikAmiga OCS1992-0975/10075%
The Town With No NameMS-DOS1992-0930/10030%
LoomMacintosh OS Classic1992-0965/10065%
Global ConquestMS-DOS1992-0995/10095%
Prophecy I: The Viking ChildMS-DOS1992-0980/10080%
The Carl Lewis ChallengeMS-DOS1992-0983/10083%
Popeye 2Amiga OCS1992-0965/10065%
Sooty & SweepAmiga OCS1992-0975/10075%
Theatre of WarMS-DOS1992-0973/10073%
ChessNetWindows 3.11992-0960/10060%
Spirit of ExcaliburMS-DOS1992-0980/10080%
The Dark Queen of KrynnMS-DOS1992-0955/10055%
DuneAmiga OCS1992-0991/10091%
MegaFortess EB52 - Flight of the Old DogAmiga OCS1992-0960/10060%
Shuttle: The Space Flight SimulatorAtari ST1992-0950/10050%
Lure of the TemptressMS-DOS1992-0991/10091%
Dungeon MasterMS-DOS1992-0970/10070%
Push OverMS-DOS1992-0990/10090%
Super TetrisAmiga OCS1992-0982/10082%
First SamuraiMS-DOS1992-0988/10088%
Lure of the TemptressAmiga OCS1992-0990/10090%
StrikerAtari ST1992-0983/10083%
B.A.T. 2: The Koshan ConspiracyMS-DOS1992-0991/10091%
Utopia: The Creation of a NationAmiga OCS1992-0977/10077%
Utopia: The Creation of a NationMS-DOS1992-0985/10085%
CivilizationAmiga OCS1992-0978/10078%
Steg the SlugAmiga OCS1992-0940/10040%
Tennis Cup IIAmiga OCS1992-0976/10076%
Toyota Celica GT RallyMS-DOS1992-0967/10067%
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