Reviews on Sinclair User 64-75

issue 72

average score
gameplatformreview dateoriginal scorescore %  
PlatoonZX Spectrum1988-038/1080%
The Hunt for Red OctoberZX Spectrum1988-038/1080%
Galactic GamesZX Spectrum1988-036/1060%
BedlamZX Spectrum 1281988-037/1070%
International Karate +ZX Spectrum1988-037/1070%
The Way of the Exploding FistZX Spectrum1988-039/1090%
S.T.I.: Search for Terrestrial IntelligenceZX Spectrum1988-033/1030%
3D StarfighterZX Spectrum1988-035/1050%
DeviantsZX Spectrum1988-039/1090%
PredatorZX Spectrum1988-0310/10100%
Space Shuttle: A Journey into SpaceZX Spectrum1988-037/1070%
MerlinZX Spectrum1988-036/1060%
ChaosZX Spectrum1988-038/1080%
RoadWarsZX Spectrum1988-0310/10100%
Captain America in: The Doom Tube of Dr. MegalomannZX Spectrum1988-037/1070%
ShackledZX Spectrum1988-038/1080%
Rommel's RevengeZX Spectrum1988-035/1050%
PiggyZX Spectrum1988-031/1010%
Alien 8ZX Spectrum1988-037/1070%
Action ReflexZX Spectrum1988-038/1080%
L.A. SwatZX Spectrum1988-032/1020%
Dan Dare II: Mekon's RevengeZX Spectrum1988-037/1070%
Tour de ForceZX Spectrum1988-036/1060%
PHM PegasusZX Spectrum1988-036/1060%
Kikstart 2ZX Spectrum1988-038/1080%
MagnetronZX Spectrum1988-0310/10100%
Super Stunt ManZX Spectrum1988-038/1080%
Nigel Mansell's Grand PrixZX Spectrum1988-037/1070%
ATF: Advanced Tactical FighterZX Spectrum1988-0310/10100%
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