Reviews on Tilt 1-38

issue 37

average score
gameplatformreview dateoriginal scorescore %  
ST KarateAtari ST1986-124/666%
Tobruk 1942Amstrad CPC1986-124/666%
Superstar Ping-PongCommodore 641986-125/683%
BactronAmstrad CPC1986-124/666%
Les Dieux du Stade IIThomson1986-124/666%
LeaderboardAtari ST1986-126/6100%
Pub GamesCommodore 641986-124/666%
AtahualpaAmstrad CPC1986-123/650%
Beyond the Forbidden ForestCommodore 641986-124/666%
AlleykatCommodore 641986-123/650%
XarqAmstrad CPC1986-124/666%
TempestAmstrad CPC1986-125/683%
TrapCommodore 641986-123/650%
Hole in OneCommodore 641986-123/650%
Winnie the Pooh in the Hundred Acre WoodAmiga OCS1986-125/683%
CrystannAmstrad CPC1986-123/650%
Stainless SteelZX Spectrum1986-124/666%
International RugbyAmstrad CPC1986-124/666%
International KarateAtari ST1986-124/666%
FlipsideAtari ST1986-123/650%
RevolutionAmstrad CPC1986-124/666%
Space StationAtari ST1986-123/650%
BattlezoneAtari ST1986-122/633%
The Sacred Armour of the AntiriadZX Spectrum1986-124/666%
The Sacred Armour of the AntiriadAmstrad CPC1986-124/666%
The Sacred Armour of the AntiriadCommodore 641986-124/666%
StargliderAtari ST1986-125/683%
HighlanderZX Spectrum1986-125/683%
NinjaAmstrad CPC1986-124/666%
W.A.R.Commodore 641986-123/650%
Sur les Chemins du GraalThomson1986-123/650%
SanxionCommodore 641986-125/683%
Future KnightCommodore 641986-124/666%
Thai BoxingCommodore 641986-124/666%
Time BanditAtari ST1986-125/683%
Kung FouAmstrad CPC1986-125/683%
Kung FouThomson1986-125/683%
AracCommodore 641986-124/666%
Cosmo Police: GalivanAmstrad CPC1986-124/666%
Dan Dare: Pilot of the FutureAmstrad CPC1986-123/650%
Night GunnerAmstrad CPC1986-123/650%
The Chess GameMSX 21986-124/666%
Glider RiderZX Spectrum1986-125/683%
Solo Flight: 2nd EditionAtari 400/8001986-123/650%
TensionsAmstrad CPC1986-124/666%
Strike Force HarrierCommodore 641986-124/666%
World GamesCommodore 641986-125/683%
ArenaAtari ST1986-125/683%
Blue WarAmstrad CPC1986-124/666%
Street HawkAmstrad CPC1986-123/650%
MantronixZX Spectrum1986-124/666%
Johnny Reb IIAmstrad CPC1986-124/666%
Deep SpaceAmiga OCS1986-125/683%
Deep SpaceAtari ST1986-125/683%
James Debug: Le Mystère de l'Ile PerdueThomson1986-124/666%
Moonlight MadnessZX Spectrum1986-124/666%
Momie BluesAmstrad CPC1986-124/666%
TujadZX Spectrum1986-124/666%
Bobby BearingZX Spectrum1986-124/666%
The ProdigyCommodore 641986-124/666%
It's a KnockoutAmstrad CPC1986-123/650%
Flèche BleueMacintosh OS Classic1986-125/683%
Stone ZoneAmstrad CPC1986-124/666%
Stone ZoneThomson1986-124/666%
Les Cavernes de ThénèbéAmstrad CPC1986-124/666%
Les Cavernes de ThénèbéThomson1986-124/666%
Raid over MoscowApple II E1986-125/683%
Raid over MoscowAtari 400/8001986-125/683%
PaperboyZX Spectrum1986-125/683%
Starstrike 2Amstrad CPC1986-124/666%
TT RacerZX Spectrum1986-125/683%
Mission OmegaAmstrad CPC1986-124/666%
MGT: Magnetik TankAmstrad CPC1986-124/666%
QuasarAtari ST1986-124/666%
Marble MadnessAmiga OCS1986-125/683%
Street MachineAmstrad CPC1986-123/650%
RogueAtari ST1986-125/683%
TrailblazerAmstrad CPC1986-126/6100%
TrailblazerCommodore 641986-126/6100%
The Tracer SanctionMS-DOS1986-125/683%
Hacker II: The Doomsday PapersMS-DOS1986-124/666%
Mean 18MS-DOS1986-125/683%
Alter EgoMS-DOS1986-124/666%
Pylon RacerMS-DOS1986-125/683%
Solo FlightMS-DOS1986-125/683%
Championship Golf: The Great Courses of the World - Volume One: Pebble BeachMS-DOS1986-125/683%
Silent ServiceMS-DOS1986-125/683%
F-15 Strike EagleMS-DOS1986-125/683%
The Ancient Art of WarMS-DOS1986-125/683%
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2.0MS-DOS1986-126/6100%
The HobbitMS-DOS1986-126/6100%
KentillaCommodore 641986-124/666%
The Terrors of TrantossZX Spectrum1986-125/683%
ChimèreAtari 400/8001986-124/666%
SapiensAmstrad CPC1986-124/666%
Le Temple de QuauhtliThomson1986-124/666%
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