Reviews on Crash

issue 82

average score
gameplatformreview dateoriginal scorescore %  
Super Off RoadZX Spectrum1990-1190/10090%
Prison RiotZX Spectrum1990-1180/10080%
The Famous Five: Five on a Treasure IslandSAM Coupe1990-1178/10078%
Daley Thompson's Olympic ChallengeZX Spectrum1990-1174/10074%
Atom AntZX Spectrum1990-1178/10078%
Saint DragonZX Spectrum1990-1192/10092%
Freddy Hardest in South ManhattanZX Spectrum1990-1173/10073%
The Spy Who Loved MeZX Spectrum1990-1179/10079%
RastanZX Spectrum1990-1183/10083%
New York WarriorsZX Spectrum1990-1136/10036%
Grand Prix CircuitZX Spectrum 1281990-1153/10053%
PangZX Spectrum 1281990-1181/10081%
Blazing ThunderZX Spectrum1990-1163/10063%
HavocZX Spectrum1990-1166/10066%
Rick Dangerous IIZX Spectrum1990-1190/10090%
Turbo Cup ChallengeZX Spectrum1990-1167/10067%
Multi-Player Soccer ManagerZX Spectrum1990-1145/10045%
Poseidon: Planet ElevenZX Spectrum1990-1146/10046%
Solar EmpireZX Spectrum1990-1160/10060%
OutlawZX Spectrum1990-1153/10053%